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  • roverman

    got a bit of spare cash, have a litespeed niota 09 with a fox Rp23 rear shock, and was wondering if a cane creek double barrel would work with this frame. It’s got something called a constant leverage ratio and I’m running it in the 5″ travel mode
    advice welcome


    Charity starts at home…..


    Why would you want to put a relatively beefy coil shock on a light weight trail bike?

    What about getting the existing shock serviced or tuned?


    +1 for what mtbtomo says. If you’re itching to try a new shock, I’d look into a Bos VipR.

    Or wait for the ccdb air


    My charity is click Sargent children’s cancer charity, I give them spare time and monies as and when I can so thank you for the oxfam suggestion but I’ll stick with them.
    As to the shock choice, yes it maybe over the top in terms of weight and tech and that’s why I’m asking for advice.
    Is there such a thing as an air shock by cc? Or is this just a wisper on the grape vine?
    To be honest I miss my global ti hardtail and would love to get it back, I still ride like I’ve a under me 🙂
    I just like the idea of having the adjustability of the cane creek, being able to set the damper for high and low speed bumps just makes so much sence.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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