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  • Spare bulbs for driving in France
  • alexxx

    if its out and you get pulled you'll have to do it in front of them


    Including main beams / number plate bulbs?

    Just pop into halfords, at £6 a set its not worth the worry of not picking some up?

    Reserve the cheep halfords ones online, collect insotre, the halfords ones wont be in stock, so you get bosh* ones for the same price 🙂

    *probably the same anyway.



    Anybody know which ones you need? I bought a small set from Wilko's which covers the main bulbs (indicators, brakes, dipped lights) but doesn't include main beams.

    Do I need a set for every bulb, or will what I have suffice? I imagine more often than not as long as I've got something to show them that'll be enough as –

    1) I'm not likely to be stopped
    2) They're unlikely to know what a full replacement consists of


    What spoon said. Your average french car has one of the front bulbs blown anyway, I think its required to get the controle technique (le MOT)

    More importantly dont forget the reflective vest and a triangle, the fine is higher if you dont have these.


    Dont forget to have your drivers licence, insurance docs and MOT if you need one, you will get an on the spot fine if you dont have them.

    Premier Icon MrOvershoot

    Of course this is all a big joke as even if you did have said spare bulbs. Many cars now require 1/2 the front removed to change a headlamp bulb!

    Friend @ work has a Renault Migraine and in the handbook it suggests taking the car to a dealership to have a lamp changed & trust me in daylight with a trolley jack & a workshop full of tools its not an easy job.

    So what's the **** point of carrying them eh?


    To put this into context. The French Police can fine you on the spot and expect to take payment too. If you don't pay then they can confiscate the car. There's many a tale of Ferraris etc… being confiscated over the Le Mans weekend.

    Now this doesn't mean that they will confiscate your car but the foreign plates make you stick out.

    We were stopped last year at a toll booth and given a lecture, no fines even though the owner of the van didn't have all their paperwork. I did so was charged with driving the rest of the journey. We were in a VW T4 van which was in dire need of a full service. That didn't stop the copper stating that we 'must' have been speeding.
    When I go to France I carry a spare bulb for all my external lights.


    there laws , there country, if you dont take them and get stopped you will be bleating about it forever, yes its a pain in the ass, ive still got my reflective jackets, only put them on to inspect the damgae some french bint did to my bro in laws car , after she plowed inro the side of yes take it all .

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