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  • Premier Icon ton

    boiled jerseys, more eggs than you think you need, and loads of black pepper in it.
    in Barcelona, you can buy tortilla in minimarkets for 1 euro each. delicious too.


    Basically, boil the onion and potatoes slowly in oil, chuck some of the oil away, add a shedload of eggs beaten until they’re broken up but not whisked to fluffy, and cook very, very slowly.

    I never manage to season mine right*, but I can get them fairly close these days.

    *they never quite taste like the ones I had in Spain, but they’ll do for me.

    Premier Icon jambalaya

    Cook the vegetables first, when they are ready add eggs having beaten then lightly in a bowl, finish under the grill as it should be quite deep so won’t cook through from the bottom without being too dry. It’s a rustic dish so you can put in what you want really, chopped into fairly big pieces, onion, peppers, chorizo ? A few fresh herbs on the top for garnish.

    EDIT: I agree with potatoes idea too, cut into pieces and cooked first.


    As Pyro really – slow cook the onions/potatoes in plenty of oil, discard most of the oil after about 20 minutes, add coarsley beaten eggs, season & cook slowly (maybe another 20 mins) with lid on frying pan.
    Then either pit under grill or flip in pan to slightly brown the top – simples 🙂


    Delia did one in one of her “Learn To Cook” books Al. Search it out – it works well. Keep it simple. Less is more. Insert cliche of choice. 🙂


    Pyro’s got it. Just keep it simple and you’ll be fine.

    To serve it up, put a plate on top of the pan and turn it over (watch out for the oil!) job done.

    Premier Icon Stoner

    I often put some v finely chopped chorizo in with the onions for a little more flavour. I also often add various veg like spinach or courgette. Whatever is left over in the fridge.

    10-15mins on a low hob, 5 mins under a low to medium grill. Wrap in foil to keep.


    Do the double plate flip-flop to serve.


    I find myself having offered to take a tortilla to a party…hosted by a Spaniard.

    My previous attempts have been hit and miss.

    Any tips?

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