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  • Spanish Bikepacking Diary: Day Two
  • amandawishart
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    This 17 day series of Amanda’s first ever multiday bikepacking trip is exclusively available to Singletrack World Members. It gets more scenic as the …

    By amandawishart

    Get the full story here:

    Spanish Bikepacking Diary: Day Two

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    With all of these days falling behind, I presume the hammer will have to be applied later on.

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    I like descendulation’s.

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    Sounds like a big day

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    Those caterpillars are little blighters. A few people were on the receiving of their hairy spines when I did a Basque MTB Pyrenees backcountry trip a few years ago. Long socks and shin/knee pads were the order of the day.

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    Sorry to get geeky. Why did a change of shoes make up for the difference Q-factor between bikes?I’d have thunk that the cleat mount on shoes would tend to the foot Centreline so a change of shoe would not make a lot of difference? I’d have thought shiming the pedal away from the crank face (or crank arms from BB shell) would be what’s needed?

    Again apologies for interrupting a chilled 😜 tour report with a tech question.

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    I bought that gravel bike off the back of this lovely journal. BMC URS 1… flippin’ love it!!

    Many thanks

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