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  • SPAM Biking – Winter Challenge Event in Jan 2011
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    Has anyone done the Winter Challenge by any chance – if so – what are your thoughts??? Is it well worth entering?


    Jules – Swindon

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    I enjoy it, but you should have a tolerance for mud, cold and rain. A sesne of humour is obligatory.

    If you’re lucky, it’ll be one of thoise glorious frosty winter days – fast and fun, just dodge the icy bits 🙂

    SPAM always put on a good event imho. Set2Rise is my fave overnighter too. haven’t had a mail shot for this years winter challenge yet though.

    Premier Icon Clink
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    Cold ‘n’ crisp last year! 😀

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    I did it for 10 or 11 years in a row missed the last 2 though. It is good fun not a traditional XC race as there is quite a bit of tarmac and something like 2000 riders! very chilled atmosphere. and VERY very cold one year I am sure it was -10C on the plains!

    DO it its an experience!

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    the winter one i did was frozen solid! not much singletrack and was a very fast course with a fair amount of tarmac. i think they designed the course this way as some other years have been mudfests
    i enjoyed it for a new year mtb kickstart

    Spam blast had much more decent off road sections and singletrack

    Premier Icon DT78
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    Did last years (first mtb race) and hope to do this years (if the bones have healed!)

    Was frozen solid and seriously fast – watch out for the ruts.

    Lots of tarmac, think alot of guys on single speeds were a bit put out. I was in 44/11 quite a bit.

    Wrap up warm I lost feeling in my feet half way round!

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    So alright on a cross bike then?

    Premier Icon gothandy
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    Gary loads of cross bikes last years … generally going around in packs … I call it cheating myself

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