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  • Premier Icon Alex

    Descending into the 46 switchbacks by Alex Leigh, on Flickr

    Dust done three and half ways ? Third time I’ve been to Southern Spain although the last one was in Feb 2007 I think and it was freezing and wet. This time we stayed in Orgiva and rode for three full days and one short afternoon.

    Exposure by Alex Leigh, on Flickr

    The exposure was fairly constant. I’m a lot better than I used to be with this stuff but it doesn’t half make you concentrate on stuff you’d normally ride without thinking. Bit like North Shore – wider, but higher!

    Panorama 2 by Alex Leigh, on Flickr

    The trail summary would go something like: exposed, loose, rocky. Not that steep at these lower altitudes. Some solid bedrock and old lava flows to test suspension and lots of switchbacks to test technique. Some grunty old climbs as well – averaged 1000m climbing a day.

    Dusty by Alex Leigh, on Flickr
    Dry and Dusty everywhere. Think we found about a metre of mud. Of course we had to ride through it for old times sake.

    Panorama – 1 by Alex Leigh, on Flickr

    This ancient lava flow descent was amazing. Less than a km long but a real technical and mental challenge.

    Lava Flow by Alex Leigh, on Flickr

    There was a lot of this loose rock which was sort of grippy in a follow you down the hill kind of way.

    Martin on the windmill descent by Alex Leigh, on Flickr

    I could clip back in.. by Alex Leigh, on Flickr

    It’s the first time in a while I’d have liked to go back to flats. Just for getting started on the really exposed stuff.

    That’s me heading into the lava flow. As I said on another thread, the 29er was fab out here. Still the 26inch fellas didn’t seem to be having a bad time. It’s not about the wheel size…

    Hmm flowy, rocky singletrack. Heck of a climb to get there but what a descent it was.

    Did I mention there was some climbing? This was near the end of a 6km monster.

    Rode some fantastic trails, walked a few bits where ‘danger of death’ had me cursing clipped in pedals. Other excuses are available.

    Some little steps are fun… however…..

    I didn’t ride those steps. The fella that did is 64! The drop to the right was certain death. I am not being melodramatic here.

    Really good value as well. We went with Biking Andalucia and flights/transfers/accom/guiding/beer money/etc worked out at approx £450. If you fancy a winter warmer, hard to see how Southern Spain can be beaten for value for money and amazing riding.

    If you want to see more dry and dusty, my flickr photostream has about 80 pics in it:

    Premier Icon eviljoe

    Great pictures ! Really looking forward to my trip now ..

    Premier Icon Alex

    When are you off? One thing I was definitely very happy with was Tubeless Tyres. Lots of punctures for the tubed boys. Also big volume, thick casing recommended. Endless thorns and pointy rocks ready to shred a weedy tyre.

    Premier Icon eviljoe

    The 23rd Dec. A couple of days riding, a couple of days sightseeing. Yes, got new tubeless wheels for that very reason!


    Was out there a few weeks back. Awesome trails, lung busting climbs.

    Is it easy to get to from Malaga? Cheap flights from Bristol you see.

    Premier Icon mick_r

    Great place – been 3 times and must really go again now that kids riding skills are progressing.

    Are those the danger of death steps with the waterfall to the right (and a long narrow singletrack climb contouring the opposite side of the same valley to get there)? Me and mrs rode them years ago on hardtails with 80mm forks, vee brakes and no knee / elbow pads 🙂 Young and foolish I guess…….

    We always travelled from Malaga airport. Some places do their own transfers, others use local minibus. The final time we drove ourselves (had kiddy with us). Something like a 3 hour drive but not done it for 10 years so the motorway might have extended a bit by now. Malagacar were cheap and very minimal hassle.

    Great pictures, looks a great place to ride!

    Premier Icon chemister

    I’d also agree with the above. Really great riding both MTB and amazing road riding, Orgiva is a good base, chilled small rural town with lots of bars.
    The biking trips here are great value for money

    Premier Icon Cowman

    There should be more reports like this on here. Excellent work, well done and thanks.

    Premier Icon Alex

    I don’t think it was those steps. I mean I was on a FS bike with knee pads so that’d just make me nesh 🙂 Seriously the description sounds sort of familiar. It was just after the ‘silt dam’. To be fair at least two of the steps have ‘gone’ now, just caved in so a bit of a wheel swallower. But I was still nesh!

    The motorway goes quite a bit further. Amazing bit of EU funding. From Malaga it took 2 1/2 hours in Dave’s van. The roads are amazing if you’re a ‘tarmac furterler’ but the trails are better!

    Looking out of the window to a dark, wet, windy morning and then back at those pictures makes me wonder when I can go again.

    Premier Icon Alex

    Oh cheers Cowman, putting the pics up sometimes feels like gloating but I love looking at other peoples biking pics to get inspired for a new trip. On that note:

    46 Switchbacks by Alex Leigh, on Flickr

    I wish the view out of my window was more like this….

    Premier Icon mick_r

    Looking at your Flickr link it was the same steps – and I don’t think they have changed much 🙂

    In fairness we already knew the area and had a good week of getting acclimatised / settling into the throw yourself down anything mentality. And there were still a fair few of our group walking full suspension bikes down it….

    Looks like you were lucky with weather – our last visit was end October and got wet a few times.

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