Southern Enduro Series Rnd 2 – Pippingford Park – New Racer

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  • Southern Enduro Series Rnd 2 – Pippingford Park – New Racer
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    I’ve signed up for the event. It’s my first venture into competitive mountain biking. Been riding a fair few years, always just for the love of riding. Suddenly I feel the urge to give something competitive a go. This event is not too far from home and in the gentle Sussex countryside I reckon it should be a nice introduction.

    What do I need to know as a first time racer? Hints, tips and mistakes to avoid all welcome.

    To anyone taken part in previous years, what’s the course like? How steep/technical/pedally are the stages? What’s the best bike choice, efficient 130mm trail bike or 160mm AM sled?

    Cheers All.

    Premier Icon OwenP

    Bump – I’ll be there to make up the numbers!

    I’ve not raced Pippingford before as it’s a longer trip than other Southern Enduro venues, but I’m going to get to all the rounds this year. Someone will be along in a bit to tell us what’s what with all the secret lines and tyre choices 😉

    I think there are some YouTube videos of the courses from previous events?

    The other Southern Enduro events are a really fun and relaxed way into this kind of racing. Usual rules of turn up early enough with everything you need and make it to the briefing at the start. The Marshalls and organisers are always really helpful on the day too.

    See you there!

    I’m mid to lower pack fodder in these, did the series last year.

    Pippingford probably the technically easiest but most pedally of the four, trail bike for this one I’d say.

    People generally very nice. (I think I’ve done 7 enduros, ratio of nice guys to dickheads is 1398 : 2)

    The rules explain the basics of passing and being passed better than I could.

    Unlike most of the southerns which are 4 tracks off the same hill, this one was a bit more spread out so there was more of a loop to do. Still wounldn’t bother with more than a drink and a multitool.

    In theory, on the practice loop you ride the stages without stopping just to know what is coming up. In reality theres a bit of a log jam at the more technical features, as people want a clean go at it and if the person infront stalls or crashes they feel entitled to another go. On some bits its worth stopping at the side (well out of the way, some guys take some crazy lines) and watching someone else do it.

    The transition times/stage start times aren’t stuck to so there’s no crazy dash up the hill or penalty if you have a mechanical.

    The fajitas are excellent (but cash payment only and always seem upset that a load of well-off south easterners only have notes) @scottfitz publish a price list before the event and I’ll bring the correct change

    Premier Icon Akers

    Cheers chaps. Some handy info right there.

    According to the Southern Enduro website there’s no practice on this one, just a track walk from 4pm on Saturday. I won’t be able to attend, so racing blind on Sunday!

    I’m looking forward to it!

    I think the website has a typo – my reading of it is if you want to go on saturday evening and camp; then you may track walk but not ride. Sunday is practise am followed by race pm as usual.

    I’m in too, did a Southern Enduro at QECP a couple of years back and really good atmosphere and people so hoping it’s another good one.  Kind of prefer that it’s a bit of a loop rather than the same transitions, makes it feel a bit more of a day out and more laid back feel.

    Premier Icon Akers

    Sunday is practise am followed by race pm as usual.

    Ooh, I hope you’re right. A sighting run round the course would be preferable to riding blind.

    Hob Nob

    He is right, you have time to do the loop before racing begins on the Sunday. If you crack on you can get it done twice, or at least go back and look at some other bits on stages.

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