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  • There are quite a few threads on here about it. Check out the South Downs Double site for gpx files and tap info.

    You really want good weather or it would be a slippery chalk/mud fest. Avoid the BHF weekend unless you want to share the trail with hundredds of others.

    It’s a good ride, logistics for getting back to the start can be tricky. I just take enough bars/gels/soreen for 10 hours, sorted. Have loose plans to do it sometime this summer, but this time riding from home so it will be Swindon to Eastbourne via Winchester, should be about 150 miles.

    Good luck and enjoy!


    Anyone here rode it? Doing a bit of googling on it at the moment, any recommended sites to read?

    Probably unsupported, apparently there are taps on route for water

    How much food/kit did you take? Going to need alot of food to keep the calories up for 100 miles offroad.


    Thanks for the link, I’d not looked at that one yet as I wasn’t planning on the double!

    I’ve ridden a few sections and QE before so know about the slippy flinty death that the trails can turn into. Not fun.

    I’m mainly concerned with how to get back to Winc. I could use the train but I imagine I wont be in any fit state to get on the train after that length of time. May look to book a b&b eastbourne way.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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