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  • South Downs Way Triple attempt starting shortly.
  • corroded

    Mind-boggling ride. Very pleased Richard made it.
    Been following from Australia but I’ve ridden much of SDW – but no way could I imagine doing it three times in one go!!

    Not sure if these are hosted in a location anyone else can see, but lets try:

    Heading up to the Devils Jumps ? 2 miles from Harting Down , and the tarmac section just before / after QECP ?

    Well Done Richard . Fantastic acheivement to cover the best part of 300 miles and 27,000ft of climbing in one hit.

    He did it 🙂
    Woken up this morning and if I am this knackered (but elated) I have no idea how Richard is feeling :-)))))))
    Hope he enjoyed his ice bath!

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    He’ll be walking like John Wayne for a day or two. Chapeau.

    Surprised you’ve emerged from bed this early Anne 🙂


    Forgive me for joining this thread a bit late, but I’ve been out riding my bike for the last couple of days.

    Yes, the South Downs Triple was an insane and crazy idea to most, but to me it was challenging and awesome.

    It was tough, very tough in places, however I stayed focused and just got on with the ride.

    The support crew was amazing and it has just taken me a couple of hours to read through all your posts and tweets. I had no idea of the volume of your virtual support.

    I’ll be posting more information later on to tell you more about the ride.

    It would be great for a couple of charities to benefit from my efforts;
    The British Heart Foundation who originally inspired me to ride the SDW in a day, back in 2007.
    St Marys Church, Reigate who are building a new Community Centre

    Thanks again for your support and encouragement.

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    Congratulations on an amazing effort.

    final time 37 hour s and 4 minutes

    Waits for someone to attempt sub-36 hours…


    Great effort, donation made.


    Proper impressive effort that! Well done!


    Well done dude. I am soooo impressed. Inspires me to ride the SDW again.

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    Truly great achievement. Well done.


    Is someone going to do the PBW (once will do) non stop, once it is officially opened which is next week?

    should be a much better ride. 350 miles.



    Don’t forget folks this wasn’t just a test of one mans endurance it was a fund raising exercise for 2 great chariies & you can still donate here

    Richards blog about his south downs triple ride in now live HERE

    We were discussing this on our own Dreaming tyres forum.. what we want to know is if you did it 3 times you must’ve left your car at the did you get back to it? should’ve done a 4th run??

    ha ha all joking aside fair play to you I couldn’t have done it.


    Nice concept, I wanted to do more but the support crew were tired and needed to go home 🙂 They gave me a lift to the start, then home afterwards.

    Talking of tyres, the 29er Kenda Small Block 8s were brilliant for the dry SDW trails.


    Brilliand ride Richard and a great write up on your blog.
    I am so sorry I was unable to be part of the support team but was sending positive vibes to you from my daughters wedding.

    I too appreciate you undertaking such a challenge just because you want to and not to impress any sponsors or other riders and recognise this thread was not started by you.

    Now that we have all recovered, a couple of blogs about Richards epic ride from the support crew


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    I had an twitter exchange with Anne after reading her blog about the meticulous planning involved saying I was a bit disorganised and would probably forget my shoes.

    Richard replied saying he did in fact forget his shoes and Anne had to divert her journey to the start to collect them for him.

    It’s nice to know that I’m as good at getting all my kit to the start of a big ride as someone who can ride 300 miles in 37 hours 🙂

    I think shoes was the only – albeit fairly important thing we forgot.


    Wwaswas – Yes I did forget my shoes, but I had 2 other pairs with me.

    I set out in my race shoes, the decent clean ones I keep for racing. After a couple of hours I was getting pains in my knee, so assuming it was a misaligned cleat, I swapped to a relatively new pair of shoes. My knee recovered quickly and the shoes were OK for a bit, then the soles of my feet got sore. I put on a thicker pair of socks, but they didn’t help much.
    We then asked Anne to bring down my grotty, torn and muddy old pair, which turned out to be really comfortable for the next 220 miles.

    If in doubt, take everything!

    A quick heads-up for anyone who was following this, Richard’s released a Kindle book about his South Downs Triple attempt.

    Well worth reading!

    Thoroughly enjoyed that, brought back memories of an epic adventure that seemed to capture so many people’s imagination!

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