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  • South Downs Way Double Double ride is go
  • willsupport
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    He’s finished. 13.05

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    Congratulations….an incredible acheivement!

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    Yes! Great work.

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    Nice one 😀

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    What an amazing effort. Well done!

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    Fantastic, congratulations! 😀

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    Well done Rob – fantastic ride – enjoy a well deserved rest.

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    well done 🙂

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    Very impressive – well done Sir!

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    Well done. Absolutely brilliant.

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    Bloody marvellous…

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    Fantastic achievement, congratulations

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    Amazing effort! Very well done, Rob!

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    Awesome, truly awesome

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    Fantastic. You made history!

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    Well done Rob, fantastic effort. What’s next on the agenda? After a rest of course 😉

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    Fanstastic – well done Rob!

    From everyone at the Southdowns MTB Club

    If he wasn’t asleep I’m sure he would be thanking everyone for their support along the way, back, along then…

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    Just got the tired lad home. He was still quite lucid and chatty as we drove away from Winchester, but then started to slur his words a bit and dozed off a couple of times. He’s now in the bath with a nice hot cup of tea. I don’t expect to see him surface from his bed for a couple of days. A fantastic achievement which couldn’t have been done without a fantastic team of people from the South Downs Mountain Bike Club who were either his support crew on the various legs (and putting in extremely long hours), or who just turned up at various checkpoints to give him encouragement. He owes you big time!

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    Incredible…well done, an amazing achievement 😀

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    Rode the last 30 miles with him. Could not believe his clear state of mind. A truly epic achievement.

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    well done rob 😀

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    Absolute madness. In complete awe
    Well done

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    Some more pics from the finish. Plenty of people there to cheer him over the line! He looked fresh as a daisy, and in remarkably good shape considering.

    The approach to Winchester.

    Rob finally comes to a stop, after around 400 miles.

    His home for the last 55 hours and 5 minutes.

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    One way was enough for me. Well done Rob!

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    Unbelievable achievement truly awe inspiring sir

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    Inspirational! Well done Rob! Enjoy the rest!

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    An awesome undertaking. Huge congratulations…. rest well

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    WoW !

    Thats an amazing achievement.

    Well done are simple words and barely convey my best wishes.


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    Excellent stuff, well done Rob!!! 🙂

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    Brilliant achievement, quite bonkers for me, completely in awe

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    Well done Fella !!!

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    Amazing! 😀

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    Crikey. That man is a certifiable nutcase. Congratulations, I hope you’ve got a nice comfy chair at home.

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    Mindbendingly bonkers. Comprehensibly unfeasible. Lunacy personified.

    Top effort Rob.

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    There i was, at 9am this morning, enjoying my porridge at the side of the SDW, when 2 chaps rode up towards me.

    On a fatbike bivi ride – well loaded up

    We all say hello, and one of the guys says “ahh, i seen you yesterday near Devils Dyke”

    I say “yes, yes you did – you must be doing the double”

    No he says, “i’m doing the Double Double”

    I say what – like the Quadruple????

    I then asked if he has had any sleep?

    He says yes, he had 15 minutes “because the sleep monster got me….”

    He must have been 50 hours into his ride at this point and he remembered exactly where he had seen me the day before!!!

    Well done Rob – an inspiration to us all – you cheered my ride up no end!! 🙂

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    Amazing achievement and huge props to you Rob!

    Can’t believe how chirpy you were when the four of us accosted you just before Ditchling Beacon (3/4 way through leg 3) – looked like you’d just popped down to the shops and back!

    Well done!

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    Un-believe-able. The grandest chapeau.

    Nice story @bolton

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    Bah, First time on STW in months and I miss this :roll:. I went out for Rich S’s triple effort in 2011 and thought that was barking. This is just another level 8)

    We’ve had two National 24 hour (road) time trials in Sussex in recent years and I’ve watched guys smash out 500+ miles on those. However I can’t comprehend the effort required to do 400 off road AND to keep going for two days!

    Champion effort sir

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    Well, I am staggered at how many wonderful comments have been written about a ride on the downs.
    Thanks to all folks who gave up their time over the weeekend to feed and water me, to take piccies, to clap and laugh at me, the companies who helped with equipment, and of course the ‘good weather pixies’ who allowed it to happen this time.

    I could do a Richard Sterry and write a book, but he was there first and set the bar, so please read his and just add another chapter at the end.

    I will take a few days off and hope to see you all at the Barley Mow for as much curry as you can eat on Wednesday evening.

    Thanks again, I’m going back to bed.

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    Chapeau. Nothing else to add.

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