Sounds of the past you'd like to have heard live…

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  • Sounds of the past you'd like to have heard live…
  • I cycled past a small church the other day and the guy was in the entrance ringing the bell for call to prayer,…it struck me that years ago on a Sunday at about 10.30am this would have been a very common sound, and lots of it and would have been marvelous to hear…especially in built up areas where churches are quite numerous.

    what sounds from the past would you like to have been there to have heard?

    Premier Icon SaxonRider

    The bells of an Orthodox monastery in some rural village.

    Incidentally, the sound you mention is one that I experienced in Montreal quite regularly when I lived in the city centre. In a modern city, it was stunning to hear it erupt with bells on Sunday morning.

    Premier Icon YoKaiser

    You should go to Molini, you can have church bells all day and night! Live sounds I’d have like to have heard would be The Smiths live 🙂 but maybe more in keeping with the thread the Hampden Roar, I dont even like football but can only imagine what it must have been like in the record breaking capacity days, 100,000 plus at a game.


    Shuttle launch.

    And Jimi Hendrix.


    Done shuttle launch and Hendrix. As a result I am only just young enough to have missed out on my fave: the Big Bang.

    Pink Floyd and probably AC/DC as I missed them this year and I doubt they’ll all live long enough for another tour.

    Premier Icon deadslow

    The Vulcan….
    Off to see it on Sunday in Gaydon at the Heritage Motor Centre as we missed out when we last went to see it at Shoreham.

    Premier Icon DezB

    Live? The White Stripes.


    Bands- for sure Guns n roses. Had tickets twice and they cancelled both times.
    Other stuff? Thankfully i did get to hear f1 cars before they killed off the real engines but never heard a v12 in the flesh.

    Premier Icon oxym0r0n

    Nirvana unplugged or London Elektricity live


    Buddy Holly or Chuck Berry


    The quiet before the arrival of motors and the sound of a town centre still full of animals. The throb of the engines in a big milling/mining area.

    Musically, The Stooges in the 60s,


    Car horns that went….

    Dah dah, didi, da da, DAH dah.


    Any instrument being practiced well/ played by a neighbour while you are sitting in our back garden on a summer’s evening

    Premier Icon mattbee

    Nirvana were awesome. G&R rubbish.
    I’d like to have heard the sound a Roman legion made marching, or the sound of a cavalry charge.

    James Brown live in the 70’s.

    Premier Icon tomhoward

    Car horns that went….
    Dah dah, didi, da da, DAH dah.

    Dixie horn? Heard that, s’ace.

    Chuck Berry

    Him too.

    For me it’d be a full squadron of lancasters taking off. Or spitfires. Or mustangs. Then Vulcans.

    Or a full grid of v12 f1 cars


    Sorry , bit drunk… read the op as sounds you don’t hear anymore

    But to answer .. stock market floor, eastend docks and wembley 91 when gazza scored against the arsenal


    So much of the Sixties music particularly The Byrds, Zeppelin,Stones, Hendrix.
    Nick Drake.

    Bachs Brandenburg concertos back in 1721

    A flight of Spitfires

    Proper dawn chorus birdsong.


    Oh man,

    Fleetwood Mac Peter green era
    Led Zeppelin


    The whole of Woodstock

    Premier Icon justinbieber

    Queen in the early 70’s
    Pink Floyd any time in the 70’s

    Premier Icon sc-xc

    Springsteen in ’75

    I saw nirvana a few times. They were always shit, mudhoney much better.


    1st July 1916. No way I’d like to have been there but it’s a great shame that no recordings exist.


    The battles of Waterloo (land) and Trafalgar (sea) must have generated a whole range of amazing sounds.

    The arrows at Agincourt must have sounded awesome too.


    Krakatoa (sp).

    Premier Icon jamj1974

    Otis Redding and in fact the rest of the Stax artists on their European tour in ’67. Elvis recording Mystery Train for Sun records. Nirvana Unplugged for sure!




    Krakatoa going bang… From a distance, of course.

    Apollo 11 taking off.

    Main roads full of non-motorised traffic.


    I’ve heard Chuck Berry (ok it was 1992)
    I’ve heard dixie car horns
    I’ve heard the Vulcan
    I grew up with church bells on Sundays too, 80s/90s.

    I’d like to have heard the noise from Mt Tambor from thousands of miles away. Also, the roar of a dinosaur or two. And maybe the complete silence of the land in the Ordivician, before anything was living on it.

    Pink Floyd
    Martin Luther King’s ‘I have a dream’ speech
    Any amount of Churchill’s quotes (“…you, madam, will still be ugly.”, “…best way to spoil a good walk.” etc, although I’m dubious of how many of those we see published and credited to him actually left his lips).


    A Napier Sabre on full throttle

    Premier Icon chakaping

    People speaking English 500 years ago.

    An angry woolly mammoth.

    Maybe the velvet underground or stooges live at the time of their first albums.

    Premier Icon bikebouy

    Saturn rocket launch. Sadly I was only 2 but my dad used to take me to Cape Cenaveral to watch them launch, I do wish I could remeber the sound.

    Premier Icon slackalice

    Led Zepplin.

    Premier Icon rOcKeTdOg

    The baby I never had crying for the first time

    Premier Icon garage-dweller

    The sound of big steam engines being properly worked at speed with a decent load.

    A Tyrannosaurus Rex in full roar mode……from a distance.


    A Dr No era Ursula Andress orgasm (as a result of my efforts)


    A dinosaur ROAR


    I think Rocketdog might have won this. 😥

    Me? I’d love to have heard what London was like during the blitz, just to soak up the atmosphere (I know its a bit dark).
    The sounds of a busy railway station in steam days.
    The background hum you get in a town when its snowing heavily.

    Premier Icon slowoldman

    Well looking at some of these I realise how lucky I am to be so old and to have heard some of them. No not a T Rex. Not quite.

    I like the idea of hearing Bach at the time and also English 500 years ago.

    As a student in Sheffield I was in hall of residence just around the corner from Ranmoor church. I really loved lying in bed on a Sunday listening to the bells. I more recently stayed in a hotel in Lubeck, Germany (actually opposite the Marienkirche, where Bach went to meet Buxtehude). The bells across the city on a Sunday morning are fabulous.

    Just so you know, Floyd in the 70s WERE brilliant, as were Zeppelin. I missed seeing Zappa – I had tickets for the tour when he was punted off the stage by some moron.

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