Sound quality from tablets…

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  • Sound quality from tablets…
  • Are they much of a muchness?

    I’m after something I can leave plugged into the hifi so I don’t have to keep getting the laptop out or stream from my phone.

    So is a sub £100 Android/Amazon tablet as good as an iPad for sound quality?

    Must be able to run Spotify.

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    buy a wifi dongle of some description, chromecast audio maybe, dunno if that supports spotify, and control it from your phone.

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    Output into HiFi is pretty good on all of them, play music through their own speaks and you’ll sound like a 14yr old.

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    I’d just get a Chromecast audio – they work so well, and perfectly with Spotify.

    I can do that already as I have a bluetooth adaptor.

    I just want another device that I can leave set-up as it’s often not convenient to solely use my phone.


    Lenovo Yoga Tab 3 has very good sound quality from its speakers….

    Sorry – should clarify. The table would be connected to an amp via a 3.5mm audio cable or Bluetooth.

    I’m under no illusion that the internal speakers of any tablet will be anything other than pants! 🙂


    If you’re fussy about sound quality, look at a USB DAC and an Android app, like USB Audio Player Pro.

    You can get a Behringer DAC for about £25 and they give very good results. Mine compared very well to a £150 CA DAC Magic.

    That’ll work fine and will be much of a muchness from any tablet. For 99% of people there’s no need to do anything more but if you want to try and eek out every bit of quality from the tablet you could try adding a DAC between the tablet and the amp

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    I’ve got a Lenovo tab 4.  I use the 3.5 jack to plug it into my Denon amp and in native mode it’s a lot quieter than everything else I’ve used.  It also has a Dolby feature which makes it a lot louder but it probably stamps its own profile on the output.

    But for listening to 6Music it sounds better than when I plug my DAB portable in.


    I just got a Bluetooth adaptor off Amazon which had outputs as phono or 3.5mm lead, sounds really good.


    I’m under no illusion that the internal speakers of any tablet will be anything other than pants!

    I agree but the Lenovo mentioned really does have good little speakers.  I use mine as the kitchen radio.

    Get something like a Chromecast Audio, AppleTV, Gramofon  (    Cheaper and better solution than a tablet.

    When you pick them as a device in spotify the stream goes straight to the device – your phone just acts as a remote control.


    the dac in iPads isn’t that great, the ones in iPhones sound much better to my ears and the ones in MacBooks better still. this is through a decent Naim/Leema acoustics hi-fi. a standalone dac is an iprovement again. i would go down the chrome cast route as thats cheap and means you don’t have to leave the iPad/phone/computer next to the hifi.

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    IPad Pro internal are pretty good but it as you’re not using it for that rather a source to stream from then pretty much anyone will be much of a muchness. Just make sure you spend around £500 on the cable as everyone knows it makes a negible difference.


    Get something like a Chromecast Audio,

    Just seen this on Flipboard, it may be of interest to anyone with a Chromecast or thinking of getting one:

    It’s relatively old tech now, but the Nexus 7 2013 has decent speakers.

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