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  • skids

    The bases are good for the money compared to bars of the same price ( they usually have HDMI even below £200) but the problem now is that most TV’s have feet that are too wide to fit on them


    Get a TV, see what you think and then decide if you need a soundbar/base.l

    We bought a new LG tv earlier this year and I’ve not yet felt the need to get a soundbar for it.

    If you intend to use if for music a lot or watching action films then it might be worth it.
    But for general TV stuff, you might find the TV fine…

    Premier Icon kimbers

    got a sony soundbase at a very good price from john lewis

    pretty good, certainly better than the tv speakers


    Looking at getting a 4k TV. Currently don’t have a TV at all. That all seems fairly straight forward but what puzzles is which sound option should I go for. I only have about 200 quid for this so the budget is not big.

    Anyone else faced such a perplexing conundrum?

    I would say it depends where the TV is going?
    On the wall – sound bar.
    On it’s stand – sound base.


    At that budget you can get something noticeably better that he TV built-in sound but still pretty compromised so I would likely just get one from the same brand as the TV (assuming it’s a big name brand) and look for a deal in store.

    Def demo it first if you can to (and read reviews online), the first one I ever bought I think I paid £400 (but that did include a Blue-ray player) and whilst the sound was OK in general it was horrible with dialogue in films and any background noise going on, the background sound would just overwhelm the dialogue (and this isn’t related to the hearing thread :p ). Unfortunately there was no way to change the pre-set balance etc.

    I spent a bit more when I replaced it and there’s various modes (sport, theatre, news etc.) as well as the option to customise things, I’m far from an audiophile but it makes a big difference.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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