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  • fatgit

    Latest frame in large (orange)
    140 floats
    X9/XX 2×10
    King wheels tubeless with Olympic rims (Bontrager FR3 front 2.4 RR rear)
    Hope mono mini brakes 160/140
    Very pleased


    well, are you using pounds to confuse modern or young people? 😐

    I finished mine during the week, its a large comes in just over 12 kg I think. Maybe 12.5 I would have to check again. Feels big tho.

    Premier Icon iainc

    Chief, I am neither young nor modern, so yes 🙂

    Mines just under 24, hence the thread last night doubting the scales.. Crests, 2,4 NN tubeless, 140 Revs, XTR cranks, Lev, 1×10.

    Premier Icon iainc

    Just finished it off over last week and weighed it in at 28 pounds, with pedals and topeak defender mudguard on the back, mucky nutz on the front

    Medium frame, xt bits, reverb, 719’s and spesh purgatorys.

    I thought it might have been heavier so quite pleased

    Edit – 120 xfusion velvet fork

    So how does this compare with other builds ?


    mine was about 26lbs; medium, revelations, XT kit, strong Mavic wheels and other kit.

    Premier Icon Vortexracing

    25.1 lbs with

    Rev fork, Hope hoops on 355’s with Spesh purgs @ 2.2″, XT crank, shifter and rear mech, formula R1 brakes, XLR XP seat XT pedals, race face Sixc bars and a reverb.

    22.4lbs with Ritchey V5 pedals,KCNC ally post, XLR XP seat, hope pro 3 wheels, Racing ralph rear and Rocket Ron front.

    This was mine last summer:

    It’s gained a heavier rear tyre and a bolt-thru rear axle since then (and gone from X9 to Saint/Zee) so it’s probably a bit over 27lbs now. Patented hardtail gravity enduro build. 😉 Rides great!

    23.5lb (10.66kg)

    SID WC 120
    PROII/XC717, Snakeskin RaRa/RoRo
    1×10 XTR/XT
    Haven Carbon Bars & Post
    V12 MagTi’s
    Tundra 2 Braided

    Premier Icon MrGreedy

    Crikey, some very light builds there. My large frame was showing hooligan tendancies so has gone the other way after swapping its 355s and light tyres out to the other bike. It now clocks in at 28.8lbs (13.1kg) with 140mm Revs, Flows on Pro2, chunky 2.4″ tyres, an SLX/XT mix and fairly sturdy finishing kit. Rides like a dream though!

    Premier Icon Northwind

    Mine was about 27lbs- Revelations, dropper post, and sensibly tough (but mostly still light) kit- Roval Traversee rims, decent size tyres etc.


    I have no idea what mine weighs

    hope/flow with chunky monkey front and fat albert rear
    exotic carbon fork
    singlespeed with on-one tensioner and surly cogs
    hope stem and ragley carbon bar

    less than my utility/commuter but more than a twix is my closest estimate


    SLX gears, derailleurs, brakes and drive train
    Hope hoops/stans rims
    DMR v8s
    Nobby nics
    Monkey bars and thomson seat post

    Feels light compared tro my other bike, but Im not used to it in the air yet. Needs wider bars and shorter stem i think.

    25.5 here (according to my baggage scales)
    XT 2×9
    U turn coil revs
    Hope/ crest front with a 2.2 purgatory
    hope/ 719 rear with a 2.2 Captain
    Carbon monkey bars
    Carbon Cycles 60mm alloy stem
    no name carbon seat post
    Time Atac pedals

    Fantastic bike

    Premier Icon ononeorange

    Weighed mrs o’s build yesterday but it was still without seat post saddle pedals and grips, so not much help really. 23.8 lbs if anyone were to be interested.

    Xs soul
    Pro 2 wheels with arch rims
    Nobby nic / advantage
    Xt drivetrain
    Mono mini brakes


    25.77 with static post, 26.34 with LEV

    Medium frame
    Fox 32 FIT RLC 120mm
    Full SLX 2×10 and brakes (ice tech rotors)
    Truvativ stem
    Spank evo 747 bars
    DT Swiss X1700 wheelset
    Hans Dampf/spesh purgatory

    Loving this bike…has made me completely change my riding style. Getting bigger air, hovering over my seat more, picking better lines…all things I became lazy doing on my fs.


    My soul weighs 21 grams.


    Damn you users of pounds and ounces! 😕


    let the cotic fanboy circle jerk commence, again. . .

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