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  • Soul + reverb = confused!
  • Premier Icon ceepers

    So I’ve per ordered a new soul frame and I think I have convinced my better half its more economical to buy a reverb now rather than a normal post and a reverb later!

    There are so many different options I’m confused I know I need a 31.6 one, I’m not too bothered about left or right remote but price is king!

    Do I need a 400mm or bigger reverb and is 100 mm drop enough? I know there’s a minimum insertion for souls

    I’m going to have a small soul frame and I’m 5’6 and have fairly short legs!

    Anyone spotted a jan sales bargain for me?

    Thanks and merry crimble


    100mm is enough. Personally after running a 100mm drop GD for awhile I would probably opt for 125mm given the choice, at least on a dropper with infinite adjustability. Just make sure you have enough seatpost exposed for whichever amount of travel you choose to work for you (should be some numbers on this flying around the interwebs).

    Since the new Soul doesn’t have seat tube bosses I’d get a 400mm one just because I could, unless I was running with very little exposed seatpost and/or found a great deal on a shorter one. Cotic recommends 100mm minimum insertion regardless of what the seat post says.

    Premier Icon Vortexracing

    Mine is a 400mm, 125mm drop

    P1040580 by eastham_david, on Flickr


    100mm is enough for the vast majority of UK riding. I ran a 100mm for several years, only dropping the post further in the frame on DH courses or in the alps. For that reason, and because when I bought it there was no price differential, I got a 125mm. If you’re price sensitive then 100mm is the way to go.

    Before I read the other posts I would have been certain that 350mm would have been more than long enough. My frame has a 17″ seat tube and I have a 32″ inside leg. I run the 350mm (shorter) post and have post to spare in the seat tube so I’m thinking the shorter Reverb (which is marginally lighter) would be fine. But with the 100mm min insert comments above its worth checking with Cotic which would suit. They should be able to tell you based on your inside leg and frame size which post will suffice.

    rob jackson

    Depend son the standover height of course!!

    Premier Icon Vortexracing

    Mine is a small frame and I have 27.5″ legs and aI’m 5ft 4″

    Premier Icon ceepers

    Cheers guys

    Not measured my inside leg but I always take short leg trousers (30′”)

    Anyone spotted a bargain out there?

    Premier Icon martinhutch

    Edited for idiocy.

    Premier Icon kelvin

    I’ve got a 125mm drop, 420mm long Reverb. Perfect.
    I’m 33″ inside leg on a Medium Soul frame.

    My post came with an “Enduro Collar” which you can use to limit/reduce the drop, but I’ve not used it.


    I got a 100mm x 420mm from the CRC sale last week. The length is right, mines a medium Soul. Im 5’11 with a 32 inside leg fwiw.

    Wish I had gotten the 125mm but it was another £90!

    Premier Icon Northwind

    Fit the longest drop you can fit in the frame- you’ll never regret it but you might well regret going for a shorter one. I’ve got a 100mm gravity dropper and a 125mm KS and the KS is far better for me. Gone for a 150mm Lev now

    (it does vary from bike to bike though- I’m fairly content with 100mm on the Ragley but I was never happy with it on the Camber, it really benefitted from more drop)

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