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    Depends – Mk1 Souls can’t take a 2×10 Shimano chain ring apparently, but may be able to squeeze a Sram one in apparently.

    Later versions, obviously the current version, should be fine.


    I have a 2010 Soul running 22/36 and have had problems with the chain taking paint off the chainstay.
    I added an additional spacer to the BB to give more clearance and it knackered the chainline totally and gave me chainsuck all the time. I asked Cy about the clearance issue and he said 36t is the max ‘middle’ ring you can run on the Soul

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    Please bear with me, I need to set this out as logically as I can:

    My Soul is currently 2×9 with an XT M770 triple converted to double’n’bash, 36T/22 with a stinger. It has an SLX double specific front mech and it all functions very nicely.

    A small windfall means I have some spare readies, and am considering converting it to 10 speed.

    Firstly, will the current chainset and mech run with a 10 speed chain and cassette?

    Next. Will the frame run a 2x M785 38/24 or similar. Something at the back of my mind makes me think that there’s a problem with some chainring clearances on the stays.

    The next question, and I’m exploring options here, is whether it’ll run 1×10 with a 32T chainring?

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    Mine’s a 2013 frame, MK3.

    The Cotic site specifies a 2×10 XT build with a Hope chainring. I presume that’s a 36 rather than the standard XT 38 then? I can’t find reference to a 36t M785 outer ring anywhere.

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