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    In September I’m riding from the North to South coast of Wales, ~230 miles, similar to what Gary Lake did, but in six days, not one 36 hour marathon! Shameless plug

    I’ve currently got some Gatestar (soft) Racing Ralphs. Been happy with them, they’ve worked as long as I remember to ease off a little bit in the corners compared to when I was using Hans Dampfs. But I did a ride at the weekend that involved actual mud for the first time in ages and they just kind of gave up. So now I’m thinking something a bit grippier might be good for Wales, plus the soft compound means the side knobs are starting to fall off.

    -Can be run tubeless, with the addition of sealant
    -Probably grippier on the front than the back.
    -Smaller than a Schwalbe 2.35″ on the back as the Hans Dampf barely fits in the frame.
    -Tough enough to survive the ride. I don’t tend to break stuff (<70kg and a fairly light rider)
    -Faster rolling than the Hans Dampf combo
    -Tartiness/OCD makes me want the same brand front and back

    I’ve considered:
    -Rocket Rons, but heard they’re fragile.
    -Nobby Nics, but I don’t like the way they corner when pushing hard, putting the Gatestar model on the front might mean that’s not an issue
    -A Hans Dampf on the front with one of the above on the back, but it might be a bit of a drag
    -Racing Ralphs, as above, they’ve not impressed me in the mud, which is fair enough given what the tyre’s for.

    -Conti X King on the back, but I’ve heard horror stories of them refusing to seal.
    -Conti Rubber Queen on the front, but again, I’ve heard of problems running them tubeless and the tubless versions are heavier than a HD so I may as well just use that seeing as I’ve already got it
    -Conti MK2, heard awful things about the original one, is the new one genuinely good? How do the non “Tubeless” contis seal up?

    -Maxxis advantages, had them in the past and liked them. Anyone know how the 2.25″ compares to a Schwalbe 2.25?

    I’m going round and round in circles (no pun intended). I get close to buying a Nic for the front and Ron for the back and then I see this

    Note: True competition tyre! Limited puncture protection and mileage

    which puts me right off.

    So, what fast, grippy, tough, long lasting, light, tubeless ready tyre? 😉


    I replaced my Hans Dampf with a Nobby Nic 2.4 snakeskin.

    To be honest, it does roll better, but I do miss the traction and i just doesn’t ‘feel’ as roll-over planted as the Dampfs.

    Hans Dampfs have probably ruined tyres for me.

    I reckon you might want a look at Kenda – maybe a H-factor? Similar to a Nobby Nic in that it has a big block centre strip, but with more intermediate lugs.

    A lot of people would recommend Maxxis, but I’ve found them all or nothing, seem to be more popular where there is hard-rock riding, like Yorkshire. I’m a hater for Contis.

    What kind of bike are you riding. If its a full suss you can obviously get away with lower volume and lower traction than a hardtail.

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    Cheers, it’s a 5 inch FS.

    Got a mate who rates the Mountain Kings highly, do they size up small or is a 2.2″ MK comparable to a 2.25″Schwalbe?


    In terms of getting the tyres to seal –

    Maxxis 26er tyres – no problems with any.

    Maxxis 29er Ikons – gave up on my Whyte rims.

    Continental 29ers – X King and Mountain King have all sealed and inflated with just a track pump on my Stans Crest rims and Whyte rims.

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    Continental 29ers – X King and Mountain King have all sealed and inflated with just a track pump on my Stans Crest rims and Whyte rims.

    Thanks, were they tubeless/UST or normal ones?

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    Maxxis Advantage front, Crossmark rear go for em both in 2.1 Lust they come up a decent width.


    Sorry for the late reply.

    All standard tyres, not UST.

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