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  • mattsccm

    Not read a MTB mag for a year or two so out of touch really. I want a rigid frame capable of SS. ie not vertical dropouts. With a hanger is nice just in case. Actually a old steel frame would do but I want disc mounts and no canti posts. capable of say 130mm fork but more likely a rigid. ideally light but in contradiction ideally cheap. Apart from On One any one else to suggest.
    Or sell me your!


    Looked at cotic? Ragley?


    Well I suppose a Cotic would go with my X cross bike. Ragley? new one on me apart from the name.
    keep ’em coping

    Premier Icon Fishd

    Sanderson Soloist.

    Eccentric Bottom Bracket and vertical dropouts, so nice and easy to work on with no brake mount issues.

    EBB on mine (bought from this forum) has been fine, only needs adjustment every few months.
    I’ve run it with a 100mm RS Tora fork though I believe it’ll take a 120mm and currently I’ve got a set of On-One rigid carbon jobbies on it.

    Love it to bits.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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