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  • sorry… what base layers?
  • Leigh2612

    Hi Guys,
    firstly sorry for such a lame question!
    I have gone through a number of base layers the past year and had to bin them to being stinky!
    I wash them after every ride, or there and back if commuting to work. I use Nikwax base fresh every now and then with all my base layers together.
    They are still often pongy however…!
    I have had a few DHB merino ones… a couple of fox polyester type ones..endura baa baas…
    Am I wearing the wrong bases? Missing a trick when washing? Or just too sweaty…? Any tips?
    Thanks everyone,


    the coffee grains are meant to stop the build up of smell..


    cheers..have ordered a couple, worth a shot at £9 each..!

    Any further ideas also welcome…!


    The Decathlon ones are excellent. (and cheap)


    Cheap Aldi/Lidl ones work well for me

    You do wash them at a reasonable temp don’t you? – none of this 30 degree malarkey

    I find washing them as soon as I step through the door helps. Strip off in the hallway, into the machine for a cold pre-wash to remove the mud, then fill the machine up with whatever washing’s lying arround.


    I use halo proactive sports wash on mine and my sports kit. Works great at keeping them fresh. You may have to check you can use it on merino though.


    Craft baselayers are very good and +1 for Halo, it’s designed to kill the bacteria at low temps (and it’s the bacteria causing the smell).


    A little squirt of bleach in the fabric conditioner compartment works for me…

    And yes, the Craft ones are excellent. The Gore Windstopper-fronted version is brilliant.


    north face

    UnderArmour ColdGear here. Normal 30° degree wash with Ariel. No pong issues. Same with my HH.

    Ohhh, and napisan if/when they do pong.

    Premier Icon portlyone

    Don’t tend to have any problems with my Helly Hansen/HH stuff and I sweat rivers.

    Premier Icon sparkyspice

    Odlo – all day long and the next day etc!!!

    If I’m likely to get wet craft

    If not Smartwool.

    I have a smartwool lightweight tee that is great in summer under a jacket (or on its own), especially for pub/cafe stops etc.

    Expensive – yes

    Worth it – yes

    Not taken mine off for a week cause it’s so frikin cold – yes

    Am I cold – No

    Is my wife saying “Err…shouldn’t you wash that ?” – yes

    Will I – maybe

    Does it smell – No

    I love Merino.


    I have a few and find the helly hansens great. years ago they were nicknamed smelly helly’s but they sorted that with more recent fabric treatments. The only thing they lack occasionally is a zipped higher neck and I think next time its a feature I’ll look for in a base layer.


    Lowe Alpine Dryflo tops (With zipped neck too) are good

    Premier Icon Radioman

    I would definitely second(or third) the zipped long neck. Crew neck base layers can get stretched in the neck especially if you wear a back pack. Just bought some DHB ones which seem reasonable. The HH are very good but too pricey in my view… I have a few of those too. Would be nice if M&S made a high necked zip version of the one above. That looks warm!

    Neil F

    I use Decathlon, NikePro and DHB base layers. All good, but all do get smelly. I wear them for biking and running.
    I steep mine in a very weak Dettol mixture overnight before washing normally, about half a capful to a bucket of cold water. Works a treat.

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