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  • marsdenman

    So, we need a new TV. Old one died. It was a big old CRT thing. One of a few we’ve had for nowt off freecycyle as the world goes ‘flat panel’.
    It’s time we join the revolution so, off we went to John Lewis…. lordy, if only it was like The Good Old Days –
    Want a TV?
    Yes – Go to radio rentals.
    Pick size. Done!

    Ended up utterly fragged – so many models, so many slight variations to spec and, frankly, some are just rubbish and/ or not all display models are served with a decent signal = extra hard to judge.

    What we do ‘know’.
    Looking at 37″
    ‘Smart’ TV not really required – we live in an area where broadband is very poor (i.e. to view someting on I-Player we have to download it overnight……) so will not likely see any true benefit in the lifetime of theTV.
    3D – not bothered.
    HD – presume ‘true 1080’ is worth the extra over an upscaling model?

    We’ve kind of narrowed it down to these 2 but so comments on them / alerts to others that simply must be seen (based on picture quality and / or price) would be appreciated 🙂


    Based on experience, anything by Samsung will do the job just fine with no fuss. Full 1080 HD if you have a blu-ray, if you dont, or arent planning to, then not worth it but I doubt you will get anything less on a 37″ anyway? Try Richer Sounds (if you have one near you) for a demo of some with the features. Much better than Currys or whatever.

    Had my old Samsung for over 6 years now, still works as well as the day I got it. Been tempted by the one you have there, looks a decent price too.


    Don’t get a 37″, there is only one manufacture of 37″ screens in the world… They are rrrubbish.

    I’d go for a Samsung 40″. You can find them cheaper than the Samsung 37″ you have posted. 😉


    Thanks, Mr Sponge – I’m kind of leaning towards to Samsung…

    Milkie – would like 40″ but it’s a job for persuading the Mrs. It’s not that much bigger but, the logical counter is that 37″ is not that much smaller 🙂
    oh, who is this ‘only’ supplier of 37″ panels?

    Any 40″ models that you’d suggest?

    Premier Icon sam_underhill

    Panasonic plasma. thread closed.

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