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  • foaley

    Looking for 29 er hard tail with onus on trail/enduro. Am 6.4 so need xl frame. Have considered on one and Kenisis but neither do xl frame. Whyte 901 looks okay. Willing to spend up to 1400. Any advice on a long forked big rig. Cheers 🙂

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    on of these

    with some x-fusion slides, slx groupset etc. Should be doable on your budget.


    Whyte 901 is 650, not 29er, you want the x(5/6/7)29 models for whyte’s 29er’s. really the whyte 929 is the more trail bike 29er but they only did a limit number for 2013, & have since moved to 650 wheels for their trail bikes in 2014

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    Trek Stache is good fun and can handle tough stuff.

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    The Large Kinesis FF29 comes up pretty big for a large, you might find it just about big enough for you.

    If not, then look at the upcoming Stanton Bikes Sherpa, it’s going to come in a massive 21″ size with a very long TT to fit guys up to around 6ft6 so I’m assured…

    I’ve not ridden many. So can only advise on the one I own. But every time I ride it I realise it’s a fantastic trail bike. So, so capable which is the reason that I’m selling my FS. Cotic Solaris.

    Decent length top tube. Decent head angle. Short stays. Big wheels.


    2 souls quarterhorse, end of thread


    [Open thread]
    Cotic Solaris
    [/Close thread]

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    Yeah Trek Stache comes in XL and takes a 140mm fork nicely.

    Not got a high profile over here, but read the reviews.

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    Kona Honzo. Heavy but ace.


    You are describing my Titus Fireline Ti. £1500 would build a nice bike.

    One thing to consider with the Solaris is rear tyre clearance. Its not bad, but its not anywhere near being able to clear a 2.4 ardent like its claimed, at least not with a 23mm internal width rim. Even with a 2.25 michelin wild race’r the clearances are marginal and I could get the rubber to touch the stays on both sides with what I consider acceptable flex from the wheels.

    I’m 14.5st running a large and found that I can’t run a nice wide tyre, which means I can’t run the lower pressures I prefer without cutting right through tyre carcass. With the higher pressures I need to prevent the cutting, I’m not achieving the ride quality from the bike, notably traction on slow speed rock and root crawling on difficult and thrutchy climbs. It shows its self in other scenarios too, but the big issue for me is the specific one noted above.

    This is my only negative with the bike. Its an otherwise excellent, careful considered and well designed and constructed set of pipes. Sadly, because I can’t achieve what I want, I’ll be selling in in a few weeks.


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    XL Solaris frames are on offer at the moment… old colour (ie the ace bright blue).

    2 left.

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    Scienceofficer…. personally, I think one of the few disadvantages of 29ers is that you need to throw more money or weight at the wheels to keep them stiff enough… If you want the increased stiffness in the frame rear end instead, it might be worth trying a Kinesis FF29.

    I agree with your statement entirely – its the reason I’m transitioning to deep section carbon rims for my full suss, however, my solaris wheels are Reynolds built Maxlights IX’s and they’re perfectly stiff enough.

    All wheels flex. The issue is how much clearance you need to prevent rubber contact with the stays under loading.

    When there’s about 1 mm at rest between the chainstay and the rubber, you know you’re onto a loser either way.

    Thanks for the suggestion of the FF29, but I’m looking in the 2souls direction after having the chance to ride one.

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