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  • (Sorry) Oven recommendation please
  • Premier Icon matt_outandabout
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    OAB Towers IKEA (Whirlpool) oven decided to fry it’s guts last night. A slight bit of smoke and smell. Nothing will turn off, the control panel randomly beeps and shuts it off or on. It’s not just an element, I’ve changed element, bulb and thermostat before.

    I’m not spending daft money, we’re a couple of years away from a move of kitchen in the house.

    It needs to be big (there’s 5 of us), bake really well (we’ve a good baker in the house), oven with grill, silver and standard single oven size.

    Somewhere between £250-350 please.

    What do you budding bake-off’ers use?

    Premier Icon Nobeerinthefridge
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    freestanding, built in or built under?

    Premier Icon matt_outandabout
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    Built in, 60x60cm, in a tall unit.
    A separate microwave is above.

    Premier Icon bruneep
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    And whatever is available and in your budget range

    Premier Icon jamiea
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    We put in a lower range Bosch HBS534B.0B when I did our kitchen last year. No complaints, baking results are a marked improvement on our old slot in oven but that was a cheapo jobbie we had for 16 years from our first house!

    Premier Icon Nobeerinthefridge
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    Worth trying the likes of Howden etc locally, at this time of year they’re often punting off random kitchen appliances. If you know any kitchen fitters, give em a shout.

    Gumtree and FB MP worth a look, always folk ordered the wrong ones.

    Premier Icon wobbliscott
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    Everyone has a budget for these things and the bigger your budget the more choice you have, but I’d say whatever your budget invest in the better and more reputable brands ahead of silly and potentially gimmicky features. So a more basic bottom of the range decent reputable brand over a cheaper brand that has all the bells and whistle features, most of which you’ll never use. That is if it is longevity you’re after. If you’re less bothered about longevity (maybe you plan to move house in a couple of years) it’s less of an issue for you.

    Premier Icon matt_outandabout
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    If you’re less bothered about longevity (maybe you plan to move house in a couple of years) it’s less of an issue for you.

    We’ve a plan for extension and moving of the location of the kitchen, once the lads are leaving home to give us space for the work to take place. This is likely only a year, maybe two, off. We could of course re-use the new oven.

    Premier Icon IHN
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    MrsIHN, a keen baker, was adamant that we would have one of the NEFF ones with the slidey-hidey doors like on Bake Off when we got our kitchen done. We got the cheapest one they did with that door (in fact we got two), five years later they’re still going great and no complaints from the in-house baker.

    Premier Icon bigG
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    Here you go Matt, evens comes with your very own JLP (& SBC member) guarantee of good service..

    Neff Oven

    Premier Icon nickjb
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    Just to check, how old is the oven? Ikea warranty is 5 years on ovens IIRC

    Premier Icon jeffl
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    We’ve got an older Bosch integrated oven/grill. Works fine, had to replace the heating element after 5 years but it gets used a LOT.

    Only issue is a slight hot spot to one side. Only really notice it when baking a sponge cake or similar. Newer ones may be better.

    Premier Icon mrmonkfinger
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    Chez monkfinger, we go for Bosch/Siemens/NEFF group, entry level model (or one up). Had good service from them historically.

    Sample size of one obvs, YMMV.

    Nothing to stop you taking the thing with you when you move, no?

    That said, we were skint when moving house last time, and bought a Beko oven/hob and fridge. Worked, but, not that great in a number of ways. Fridge (loud, low build quality, not cheap to run) has been slowly dying over the last year and carked it yesterday – now being replaced (tomorrow) with a Bosch equivalent.

    Premier Icon B.A.Nana
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    If you’re not a brand snob, Hisense might be worth looking at. Lots of their ovens currently in Which Best Buys, which is where I usually at least start as a base point. This one appears to get good customer reviews on both AO.com and Currys (black version)


    Hisense BI5228PXUK review
    Best Buy
    Which? verdict: 83% Pretty much perfect
    We were very impressed with this feature-packed oven. It heats quickly, cooks evenly and can deliver a light and airy fatless sponge. The grill is just as impressive, and you don’t need to be a genius to work out how to use the controls. With so many plus points this excellent oven fully deserves our Best Buy logo.
    Very quick to heat up
    Very accurate
    Bakes evenly
    Grills brilliantly
    Easy to use
    Easy to clean

    No major flaws

    Premier Icon thebibbles
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    Another vote for the Neff/Bosch/Siemens stuff. Pretty much all our kitchen/utility room appliances have been from these guys and they last for ages.

    However what I really want is one of these


    Premier Icon matt_outandabout
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    how old is the oven?

    We think 10 years

    Premier Icon chaos
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    The Miele outlet store is worth a look as some bargains come up occasionally:


    Premier Icon the-muffin-man
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    Another vote for Neff

    Premier Icon johndoh
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    If I were you I would spend as little as possible so you don’t feel you have to stick with it when you remodel your kitchen. Perhaps even look at second-hand or one of the discount retailers that sell damaged stuff. We got a built-in washer drier with a huge discount on the new price as it had a big dent in the side – but it was built-in so it didn’t matter.

    Premier Icon mrmonkfinger
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    The graded stuff is a good shout for built-in especially given the desire to move in a year or two.

    A previous kitchen remodel was done with a couple of graded units and a few second handers. Managed to get a built-in (used, but looked like new) double gas oven / grill for £1 from ebay (it worked perfectly)!

    Premier Icon pocpoc
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    We had similar just before Christmas. Moved house and the oven packed up pretty much straight away. We’re planning on changing the whole kitchen round within a couple of years and having a range cooker instead of the current integrated single.
    Luckily we have a warranty returns / graded place on our local high street. Walked in and right infront of me was an integrated oven reduced to clear for £50. It has been returned unused with a faulty element. They replaced they element then wanted rid because it was an unknown (to me) brand (Haden). Looked it up and it’s £200 new so I bit their hand off. Had it home and installed within 30 mins. It’s not the greatest and is pretty cheap build quality. But if it lasts 2 years until planned replacement then I’ll be happy enough.

    Premier Icon cb
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    Would have added to the Neff fanbase a few years ago – all the stuff we inherited when we moved in was ancient and still mainly functioning well. bought a load of Neff appliances when we re-did the kitchen

    Oven – fine but trims and logos etc all shoddy, really easy to get drips between glass on doors which means regular dismantling and cleaning (or living with it)

    MW / Combi – apart from trims and logos as above, no problems

    Warming drawer – failed just out of warranty, known issues all over net, Neff Customer services rude and completely dis-interested, for what we paid I expected the opposite!

    Dishwasher – all very fancy with its projected lights on the floor but utter crap at cleaning stuff, way worse than its 20+ year old predesessor

    Its like the VAG of the appliance world so hard to avoid them…but I’ll be trying in future.

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