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  • alpin

    the thread title promised so much more…… 🙁

    the thread title promised so much more……

    +1 😆


    On deals on Treks. Shoes…fit is crucial, and A stiff sole for spds.

    Womens specific could go either way, there will be less about in the first place, but they are much harder to get rid of. Often see womens specific bikes discounted much more heavily than the equivalent mens models, same with outdoor clothing and the like.

    As for shoes, all about fit, but I use Shimano R087, and they have been very good so far. The equivalent womens model seems to be the WR61.

    As per previous thread now narrowing down the choice for Mrs M’s new road bike – hopefully pushing the button on that in the next week

    So two questions:

    1) Are there likely to be any deals around on 2012 stock or are women specific bikes that uncommon that there probably going to be none left? If none left, are the 2013 bikes appearing yet?

    2) Shoes and pedals. She is going to go SPD, so what’s the recommendation on mid priced shoes and pedals?

    On deals on Treks

    Sorry, is that code?

    C’mon guys and girls. I expected a deluge from the STW massive on recommendations here.

    All (sensible) suggestion gratefully received

    Premier Icon cinnamon_girl

    Does it have to be WSD? Sorry, don’t remember your original post!

    Has she been able to demo any bikes at all?

    Edit: just tracked down your original post. Have you actually asked any shops if they can get a demo bike for your wife to try? Are there any manufacturers demo days around, you know similar to what they do for mtbs at trail centres?

    Do you have an lbs who may know other roadie ladies who may offer a try-out of their bike?

    I think you’ll have to accept that some time will be needed on the phone to track one down in the size you think that’s needed.

    My only other suggestion – I did have an extra small Scott men’s road bike but have now moved to a small Scott men’s. The extra small would be worth considering.

    Hope this helps!

    cinnaon girl, the local Trek and Giant dealers have said they can get bikes in for Mrs M to try so at least that’s a start. Probably going WSD as the responses from my previous thread mostly said it was the way to go for the small sizes, but less important if you are taller. Sad git that I am, I’ve put together a spreadsheet comparing a lot of the bikes for ETT, STA length and angle etc. It’s pretty clear that the ladies bikes are different, but how much difference that would make in real life I don’t know. Unfortunately because of where we live our nearest LBS is 40 miles away so not easy to get to meet other lady riders although there are one or two locally

    The reason for looking at SPD shoe and pedal recommendations is that I want to bundle these in with the bike to get the best possible deal

    Shoe/pedal combo is personal. Stiff sole a must, i’ve gone for a carbon soled shoes this year. I will never go back to anything else now! I like my new-ish giro’s but for years I had specialized. And I use shimano 105 pedals.

    Like bikes, shoe makes are all different so she’ll need to try stuff on…ie giro come up small so i’m a size bigger in them, i hate shimano shoes etc.

    When I bought my trek, i had never been on a road bike before. I sat on a few in the shop and the trek felt ‘right’ and it was pretty much spot on for me. Its good she can try a demo bike first.

    Is it worth a look on Wiggle? Only thinking this because you mentioned that you are 40 miles away froma lbs and Wiggle have that returns policy if it doesn`t suit.

    It is worth her trying some of the Treks and Giants at the bike shop to get a feel for the sizing – from there she can get an idea about what size frame she needs and look around at other bikes. I ride a 48cm road bike so getting these in stock to try of difficult so all mine have been bought blind but then I do spend hours pouring over geometries because I know what fits me.
    As for pedals / shoes – I ride Time iclic pedals and wear sidi dominator shoes – probably not the mid-price range for you. I do have some Bontrager wsd road shoes that are spare (I ordered a pair and the shop sent me two pairs but charged me for one pair) –


    mrs xiphon purchased one of the last Spesh Dolce 2012s in the country last month, according to Leisure Lakes. Just by chance it fits perfectly

    She tested the Giant Avail, and Trek Lexa, but felt much more comfortable on the Dolce


    Pauls Cycles have a womens Cannondale Super Six on offer – if the size is right


    My other half had a Specialised Dolce Elite but fit was very wrong for her, she’s now got an XS Focus Cayo that fits perfect. Beware that not everyone fits a WSD bike.

    She’s also got some size mint 40 Sidi’s Genius 6.6 Road Shoes for sale if your interested?

    Ah, now this is why I like STW – lots of great info.

    As far as the bike goes we’ll find one that Mrs M feels comfortable on and look at others that also have similar geometry. Is it much of an issue playing about with saddle forward/back and stem length to get the cockpit right? Seems like there’s a lot of adjustment to be had there. If it’s OK to do that then going for a men’s bike becomes a possibility

    On the shoes I’ll have a look at all those mentioned. Looks like its a case of going mid-range, stiff and a make that fits so at least we have something to aim for


    You will have some adjustment of postion with stem length and saddle postion but making ‘extreme’ changes can upset the balance of the riders postion. There is a useful bike fit calculator here this may help with getting some idea of frame size, stem length and saddle adjustmente but there is no real alternative for sitting on a bike, many shops now offer a bike fit with a new bike. Where are you based?

    I find Giant WSD bikes suit me best. I am 5’5″ and longer in the torso than legs.

    Shoes are really important to try on, I have a pair of Time shoes that I got in an online sale a couple of years ago, they were a real bargain, just got lucky that they fit! I think Shimano do decent mid priced shoes, mine are MTB shoes as it happens but I ride them on my road bike and they are fine, I have wide feet so I find the MTB shoes a better fit for me.


    SPDs? road or mtb style?

    SPDs? road or mtb style?

    Road. I had assumed that road cleats were the same as MTB?


    Depends whether you mean 2 bolt mtb standard or 3 bolt road standard.
    I’d just use mtb pedals and shoes and not worry about the IT guys who start quoting The rules at you.

    Edric 64

    Road pedals such as Look and SPD-SL do offer more support on longer road rides than an mtb shoe and pedal.I agree with thevarious posts about a stiff sole for road use .If your riding takes in lots stops and walking round you may prefer mtb cleats to walking like a duck and trying not to go A over T on road cleats

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