Sorry but how good is Bike Park Wales?

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  • Sorry but how good is Bike Park Wales?
  • _tom_

    Yeah its awesome, loved it. Really want to try Dai Hard on a dry day.

    Wibbly wobby to willy waver was our favourite as well, although sixtapod was awesome as well. And Melted Welly was shut after the first short section when we went, shame as the start was brilliant! Definitely going back. I want them to build a proper jumpy red/black in the style of crank it up!

    WW to WW was my pick as well, I think. Either that or the flapjack. Can’t decide.

    Booked in for early November – looking forward to it! Doing a day at Antur Stiniog beforehand – hoping my body can withstand two consecutive days of uplift on the hardtail… Must focus on smooth flow! 😛

    Premier Icon cardo

    This might of been covered before…

    But how good is Bike Park Wales?.. We went as newcomers for the first time en masse and thoroughly enjoyed it. Plenty of trails to choose from and with the uplift we got 12 runs in. What a larf! the Blacks are worth a look first to see what you might be leaping over, the Reds are superb and the Blues flow beautifully with so much air under your wheels. Personal favourite is Wibbly-Wobbly leading into Willy-Waver.

    The cafe is good value , friendly atmosphere and we stayed in a B&B pub about 7 miles away , food, beers and a bunk-bed..

    can’t wait to go back,so worth a repeat visit. 😀


    Wanted to go in a couple of weeks as have the week off, thought it’d be safe booking an uplift on a Wednesday…how wrong, fully booked till December. Guess I’ll have to wait till 2014!

    The discussion in the van on the way home was, ‘have we had a better days riding?’ . The answer all round was no. Got a feeling things can only get better there.

    However a can of fabreeze in the minibus could help as the day goes on

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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