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  • Sorry, but another shed insulation question
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    Just had built a 10x8ft shed/workshop with 3×2 framing and a standard felt roof covering. I specified that I wanted it vapour barrier lined with the view to insulate it myself. The cladding (if it matters) is a 32mm flat plank, with a 20mm T&G floor and roof.

    My question is (and I have searched on here) for a timber structure that isn’t a home office and used all day every day (its a replacement for an integrated garage that we had a the previous house) but I’ll be in there tinkering throughout the year fixing stuff, storing stuff etc… would 25mm or 50mm rigid insulation be the better option?

    It’ll be boarded over with 6mm ply once insulated and there will be electric for a small heater


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    Close to the structure I just put up.

    I used plain old 25mm EPS, bulk pack from fleabay, cheap and cheerful. Works fine for a shed used or tinkering and fixing.

    11mm OSB on the inside will likely be cheaper, plus you can stick shelves up anywhere then.

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    You don’t need to go too crazy as a small space will heat pretty quickly. Also think about ventilation. A few vents to keep a bit of air flow may help with keeping the damp away.

    11mm OSB on the inside will likely be cheaper, plus you can stick shelves up anywhere then.

    I’d echo that, in fact 18mm might be about the same price as it is far more common. Mine is lined with second hand 18mm OSB from building site hoardings so it came ready painted too.

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    Good point on the shelving. I had though of getting a rack system, but that’s a bit spendy

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    Mines got 100mm of fibreglass wool.

    I have got thermoshield vapour barrier on the outside skin of OSB. Cross battened with steel box profile on that.

    On the inside it’s 11mm OSB.

    Doesn’t take much to heat it.

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    Mine from in to out:
    11mm osb (acts as quite sufficient vapour barrier)
    3×2 stud filled with 75mm loft insulation
    Vapour permeable membrane (tyvek)
    1” batten

    I don’t think you really need the performance of rigid pir board in this application, hence I went cheap loft roll.
    But, if you don’t have the ventilation gap created by the 1” batten that I have, rigid board might help you maintain a clear inch behind the cladding.

    I’ve been using it as an office all year with a 2kw fan heater.

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    Mine is 100mm wool insulation. its 20sq M in total. Cedar over wrapping over OSB, 4 x 2 then plasterboarded. I have used it all winter to work in and it heats up quickly then cools quite quickly as well. I suspect unless you are very spendy you will get the same results. They dont really hold the heat well.

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    Cheers all.

    I’ve opted for 25mm rigid insulation and 11 Osb. I’ll get a smaller heater for the winter months to assist with comfort

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