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  • Premier Icon mikewsmith

    What did/do you hate about the Samsung?
    The C in the the Iphone stands for not nearly as cheap as everyone thought.

    Go, play try have a look at some phones try what your mates have and see what you like. Personally I can’t imagine going to a smaller screen than my S3 any time soon.


    Bin off contract and either wait for Nexus 5 in a few weeks or go Nexus 4 now, SIM only contract.

    Premier Icon bails

    I had a cheap/earlyish Android phone and also detested it.

    Replaced it with a Nexus 4 at the start of the year and it’s still lightning fast and bug free. I’d buy another if this one fell down a well/broke on a child’s face etc


    HTC One? The one I have seen in the office seems pretty solid and well made.

    Premier Icon kimbers

    nexus4 ftw

    …contract up for renewal in a few weeks and I’m torn:
    – IPhone 5S
    – IPhone 5C (whats the difference?)
    – Sony Experia Z
    – Samsung S4

    Whats the consensus? I have a Samsung android phone at the moment but its a cheap one (and I detest it with a passion) so for that reason I’m leaning towards iOS.

    And does anyone know any decent deals on any of the above for ~£30 a month maybe?


    I’ve got the Xperia Z. Great phone. Robust enough to let the kids play with it, even in the bath.

    I think the Z1 is the only one available now. I believe the waterproofing is even better and the camera has been improved.


    A lot depends on what you are looking for.

    I use an iPhone 5 – basically because the OS and app store are far more secure than Android and the android store. However, the price I pay for that is less customisability and and sometimes a loss of features. You’ll get fanboys on both sides and there will always end up being a huge argument but in a nutshell, for me it’s security and privacy VS customisability.

    The difference between the 5c and 5s iphones? The 5c is basically a repackaged iPhone5. The 5s is a 64bit device. At the moment there isn’t a lot of difference in performance, but there will be when apps are coded for 64bit native rather than 32bit. The 5s also has a faily cool fingerprint scanner, which gives a bit more security too. But the fingerprint scanner isn’t unique to iPhones.

    I develop apps for both android and iOS. I like iOS better subjectively, and also appreciate the lesser security concerns (although it’s still by no means completely secure). I use an iPhone 5, and Nexus 4 and an older cheapo android device. The Nexus is a nice device, the iPhone is a great device. The cheapo is OK.

    I guess it depends on what you’re looking for, but for, as said before, me it came down to security vs features. the iPhone won by a margin.

    Check out reviews from places like The Register and you’ll get a decent objective review.

    Premier Icon AlexSimon

    iOS – any. Even a 4s.

    Android – Nexus 5 next week unless you like big screens in which case the Note 3.

    Premier Icon jambalaya

    Three mobile where doing iPhone 5 for £29 upfront and £29 month they may have some left. I get great reception and super fast Internet in South East / London with them but coverage is variable.

    My take is that the 5S is latest generation iPhone, faster 64 bit processor, better camera etc. The 5C is basically a 5 with a cheaper plastic case (the colours aren’t my thing for sure).

    I’ve been on iOS (phone and iPad) for 3 or 4 years moving from Blackberry/early android phone (which was terrible and went in bin after 6 months). There is a reason iPhone is the market leader, it’s the best all round package. I wouldn’t change and fwiw I find ios7 is excellent.

    Your other option might be to find a fairly new iPhone 5 (or even stock of unsold phone) and buy it outright and then go for a sim only contract (£15 for unlimited data probably) with benefit of shorter contract term, of course you have to pay for phone upfront.

    Premier Icon dannybgoode

    64bit will make no difference on a phone really – well the 5S at any rate. It is only needed on PC’s (and by that I mean any PC be it Mac, Windows, Linux etc) to enable them to address more than 4gb of memory.

    Given the 5S only has 1gb it is a marketing gimmick and nothing more regardless of whether the app is 64 bit optimised or not.

    As always, standard response from me – don’t discount Windows Phone. At least have a play with it. I now have the soon to be released to the public GDR 3 update of WinPho 8 on my Lumia 925 and now there is very little missing compared to iOS and Android.

    WinPho 8.1 to be released probably Q1 2014 will close the gap even more and WinPho has enough going for it that the others don’t to make it worthy of consideration at least…

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