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  • (sorry, another) what laptop thread?
  • have had pc/windows start-up/freeze issues all over xmas, and still on-going, so have decided to buy a laptop as a backup and for general web surfing duties.

    would love to buy a macbook as i’m fed up with constantly trying to sort my pc out but my budget is 300-400quid.

    spent a few days looking at ebuyer, pc world etc and getting more and more confused.

    can anyone recommend a good deal or advise me on what spec to go for (what processor, reliable brands etc).



    slightly more than your budget… Ebay – macbookbut worth looking on ebay. I got my first ibook from ebay and i’m sat here on my ibook which is same spec as the one above 12 months old.

    if it’s just as a back-up for browsing get yourself a netbook – pc world or currys netbook


    Toshiba A300D for £400 down from £500 and have been extremely pleased with it. Solid, reliable and seemingly well recommended


    We got an IBM Lenovo 3000 N200 from The Laptop Shop (they offer some upgrade options, we got more RAM and a bigger HDD). Well recommended!


    I’m sat here surfing/working/4ODing on my new little samsung nc10.
    It’s about £300, and it’s more than capable of handling anything I’d want to throw at it (it wouldn’t manage video editing/hardcore games).

    I love it, and with it’s 10 inch screen it’s perfect for actuallap duties, and works well on a desk etc.

    The battery is easily 7 hrs, and it’s wifi/bluetooth as standard.

    I was going to hunt for the most uber powerful 15 inch lappy, but in reality this does all i need very well, in a tiny package!


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    DrP – you running XP or OS X on it?

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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