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  • teamslug

    I’m sort of in the same boat reagrds feet. Got a damaged nerve on the outside of the ball of my left foot. Been looking round for inserts/new shoes. Best fitting i’ve found is specialized s works. They measure your foot at the shop and fit an insert corresponding to arch etc. You can customise this with shims too.I think the idea is to spread your toes out. If you go on there website theres something on there.Bloody expensive shoes though.Inserts about £25.00 IIRC Other option might be some heat moldable inserts e-soles or SOLE.


    Seem to have developed a callous in the middle of my sole through the ball of my foot.

    Have mid-range Shimano shoes R087s.

    Is this down to hot spots? Any ideas on how to sort it out? Suspect an insert may do the job….

    Recommendations gratefully received.

    Callouses don’t seem to be symptomatic of hot spots, I wonder if one of your cleat screws is protruding too far through the sole. Some insoles have a bump to spread the metatarsal bones as mentioned above – a severe one could cause a callous I suppose.
    Also check your feet aren’t moving around in the shoe while riding.

    What pedal system do you use?


    Thanks for the feedback.

    Look Keo Classics with Shimano R087. Might be sensible to check inside the shoe :S

    Premier Icon iainc

    I am punting a set of Spesh Shims if any use !


    Macavity…great link Cheers…looks like its s works shoes for me…

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