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  • Sopping sweat pouring down my face and my glasses
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    Forget running, I’ve just had a cup of tea, for which the combined effect of temperature and caffeine has nudged my internal thermostat from ‘just ok’ to ‘TOO HOT’ – pass the sweat gutter!

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    Saw a “yoof” jogging on the main road yesterday evening. Car read out said 31 degrees. Not a drop of sweat on him – wish I was wired like that

    15 degrees, running – I’ll be covered in sweat head to toe after 5k. Hate people who don’t sweat.

    The other day, just standing in the garden moving normally, sweat was dripping off my head.

    Premier Icon tonyd
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    After years of taking the proverbial out of anyone wearing one, I recently bought a cycling cap for a long sunny road ride. 5 hours in the saddle and for the first time ever I didn’t get sweat pouring down my face and into my eyes. I’ve put off wearing one on the MTB but think I might do with this weather.

    Protects your bonce from the sun as well, which is handy for baldys.

    Premier Icon joat
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    I use the skullcap that zippy linked to on page one, albeit on the road. I did over 5 thousand feet of climbing in the peak district Sunday and didn’t suffer any dripping sweat, and believe me, I sweat for Britain. I think the mesh top helps pull the moisture upwards.

    Premier Icon fasthaggis
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    Friend that I raced with made a micro headband (1 cm wide ) with some sort of rubber v channel beneath it.Set at an angle so the sweat would kinda run off to his neck ,he assured me it was excellent. I never got round to copying it but the small headband bit worked well.That Halo thing looks like it would be hot in this heat.

    Premier Icon jimmy748
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    Another heavy sweater here with a Oakley DTR, no longer get sweat in my eyes, when I’m wearing my £15 On-One XC, I wear a £10.99 for 3, Amazon sweat band, and will carry a couple on longer rides.

    Premier Icon mrdestructo
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    There are several different versions of the Halo for sale where I am:

    Fixed band
    5cm, 50-60cm
    2.5cm, 50-60cm
    5cm rear to 7cm front, 50-60cm

    Velco strap attaching
    5cm, 44-60cm

    I wear a 54-58cm helmet, so any should fit me. But there are three options there to break down.

    1) Have it fixed, 2.5cm or 5cm all around
    2) Have it fixed, 5cm rear, 7cm front

    3) Velco strap version 5cm all around

    If you’ve got no hair like a fair few of us have, having a velcro strap that could be under your helmet attaching plastic straps would be a painful solution? I’d imagine someone with a lot of hair wouldn’t suffer that issue?

    And so, if a fixed band, being an excess sweat type person, in a very hot environment (you guys may be having a heatwave, but the Realfeel here has been 37-41c in the last week.) Which of the three fixed bands would you go for? The thinnest possible (2.5cm) and squeeze it out during your water pitstops?

    Premier Icon kuman
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    Helmet without peak and cycling cap all year round. It works for me.

    Premier Icon theotherjonv
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    I’d forgotten how much I sweated until reading this and it inspired me to get my old headbands out. This is an old buff, cut into about 1.5-2″ wide strips. I wore one on last nights quick loop and realised what a difference it makes, and they’re small enough that you can sling spares in a jersey pocket and have a fresh one for after the cafe stop / lunch / whatever.

    Everything else seems like over engineered solutions to me?

    Premier Icon ads678
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    I tend to live my life in varying stages of dampness. I usually saturate normal headbands, even in the winter (!) although a full buff when running does work for a while, cut off strips just wouldn’t cut it for me.

    Just ordered one of those halo’s so we’ll see if that does the trick. Although might get a cycling cap for road rides as well and give that a go.

    Premier Icon luket
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    I like the Oakley DRT idea and rode the other day with someone who’s very pleased with his, but alas I can’t see it fitting on my 63cm head when the size guide says the L only goes up to 60.

    Do any other helmets have the same feature?

    Cycling caps don’t go on my bonce, and those headbands look too thick to fit between my head and helmet, although i might try one.

    Premier Icon oikeith
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    I am a sweaty man also, get issues with sweat dripping onto the inside of the lens when riding wearing my Kask Rex and fake Jawbreakers, I ended up going full enduro and just wearing goggles for the descents in the summer, will flip back to glasses for Autumn, but back to goggles in winter as the cold makes my eyes teary in proper cold even when wearing glasses!

    Premier Icon TheGingerOne
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    I haven’t worn my peaked MTB helmet for about a year now. I wear my road helmet with a cycling cap underneath all year round.

    Head doesn’t get cold in winter, peak as it is close to glasses keeps the rain off better and in the summer my head is not hot as it keeps the sun off and I have no sweat issues.

    Cap wise, Galibier do a large cap which fits my head, most caps come in a single size which are a smidge too tight for me.

    Premier Icon fossy
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    Various skull caps here – from thin with a double brow band, to windproof for winter. It’s enough to absorb the sweat, then evaporate when you are moving quicker with air flow, but with well vented lids.

    Looking ahead, Aldi usually do them in their winter cycling sales.

    Premier Icon DezB
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    Just a thought – was the subject supposed to be “STopping sweat..” rather than the slightly more appropriate “Sopping sweat” ?? 😀

    Premier Icon big_scot_nanny
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    Yep! noticed too late to change it, but the autocorrect one works well too, doesn’t it 🙂

    Premier Icon jimdubleyou
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    I usually use a cap or a buff, but have just got a halo off the back of this thread.

    Might go for a spin tonight, so will report back on my sweatiness later 🙂

    Premier Icon oscillatewildly
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    Please report back, i sweat lots and I can deal with the sweat to some extent but it’s the constant dripping of sweat into my glasses that gets me, once a little few drips has happened it impossible to clean them properly without being streaky and awful to wear, and I need them as I wear contacts so I’m willing to try anything

    I looked at the halo one years back but never did anything about it, this thread has reminded me to perhaps try it now

    Premier Icon continuity
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    I found the solution in this heat is just to pop the helmet off for the climbs, and put a running visor on. That gets damp, clip to waist and replace with helmet on the down. Dry by next climb.

    Premier Icon bigdean
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    Another sweaty beast here.
    I’ve tried everything including Halo bands and they all give up after a while.
    For me start with nothing so don’t get too hot then after about have and hour try the head band.

    Though recently I just don’t bother, no pad in helmet and let it dip away.
    If it does need managing a cycling cap is best, not for stopping but more letting the sweat run along the peak to dip further away from my face.
    Glasses last an hour tops in summer then just give up.

    Premier Icon white101
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    I have Giro lids for road and MTB, recently had to replace the velcro pads on the road lid as they fell to bits with sweating and washing, took to wearing a cap on the road and that solved things a bit but this last week has been painful.

    Also, never put sun lotion on your forehead and then forget and go out riding turns a sweaty bonce into eye poison.

    Premier Icon big_scot_nanny
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    Update: Halo arrived yesterday. Early am ride in very warm, humid and dank conditions.

    1) +ve – no sweat down face issues, did not remove helmet once (though not a long ride, enough to get a positive mark so far)
    2) -ve – caused more glass fogging – maybe had it too low on my brow and it restricted airflow through the glasses?

    Premier Icon pictonroad
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    from my experience (I need a halo even in the depths of winter).

    You need to put it ‘too high’ on your head and loosen your helmet  more than normal, putting the helmet on pulls the halo down so it sits under the helmet, then tighten it.

    In summer I’ll still need to take it off and wring the damn thing out every thirty minutes but they’re by far the best solution I’ve found to keep it out of your eyes.

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