Soooo….ditch the camera or give it some love?

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  • Soooo….ditch the camera or give it some love?
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    I’m off on a trip to Japan in two months, followed by a trip to the USA over Christmas and I’m trying to decide what camera I want to take with me.

    I currently own a Sony Alpha-100, bought 6 years ago and I still use the stock 18-70mm f3.5/5.6 lens with it. About 4 years ago I got a Sigma 70-300mm f4-5.6 cheap on ebay and the autofocus is now shot on it (loud whirring noise and vibration when I turn on the camera!), but not a problem because it was always really slow anyway. The longer lens takes much better photos, but I can get some good results with the stock lens. Some examples:

    Sigma lens:

    May 9th 2010 by Ginger F0x, on Flickr

    Stock lens:

    The Doors by Ginger F0x, on Flickr

    The thing has survived many wet and muddy rides stuffed in a plastic bag in my rucksack and was working great until I let a friend borrow it for a month in Europe. The shutter release button now sticks and the rear screen (always difficult to view in daylight) is now moderately scratched in one area. I think she’s also ruined the USB connection so I need a card reader to get the photos off it.

    So…I still really like using the camera. The steady-shot thing is great, and I’m familiar with all it’s quirks and functions. What I’m wondering is whether to get it serviced, if that’s possible, to fix the shutter release button and then treat myself to some better/more flexible lenses to take travelling with me; or buy a replacement 2nd-hand DSLR which will have a much more up-to-date sensor (my photos are often noticeably grainy) and a better screen; or go for something brand new and compact which would be better for travelling but not so flexible? I’ve done limited touristy stuff with the Sony, but it’s not really bothered me having it slung around my neck/shoulder!

    Budget is about £350-400, if you’re still reading 😉


    Give AJ Johnstone in Glasgow a call. They are amazing! No idea on price as mine was fixed under warranty but the service was fantastic.


    i would give it back to your “friend” who used it as a football to sort it out!

    when i travel i use an old conn I’ve had for years with good lenses. its been everywhere.


    I would imagine repair would be higher than the cost of second hand upgrade unit… I had a a700 which was pretty good but with knackered camera and faulty lenses I’d be tempted to pick up a second hand canon with kit lens combo… Just my opinion though.


    Sony a37?

    £410 on Amazon with a newer kit lens (excuse the pun…) which is sharper than the original 18-70. £369 body only.

    I’ve used both lenses and the 18-55 SAM is pretty good for a cheap SLR.

    I’ve recently upgraded from a Sony a300 to an a77. Loved the a300 and most of what I liked has been carried forward to the new camera but with the addition of a better sensor, lots of really good new features like multi-frame noise reduction (brilliant), HD video and auto HDR etc, etc. The handling and menus are all very familiar from the a300. Most obvious difference is an electronic viewfinder which took some getting used to but now I think it’s great – very versatile.

    Add an 18-200 lens and you’ve got most of the bases covered for travelling light.

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