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  • Soon to be tackling 100 miles for charity! Pacing?
  • Road bike content warning! 🙂

    This will be the first time I’ve done 100 miles in a day – it’s a fairly flat route and I’m sure I’ll be fine. Done 80 and had something left.

    The missus’s longest is 41 miles though!!

    It’s off our own bat, so to speak, so it will be just us two..unless anyone fancies it? Cromer to Cromer, Oct 1st or 2nd.

    I’m thinking pacing will be all important, anyone an expert, and how many breaks and for how long? I’ve already been accused of leaving her behind on the odd occasion!

    All in aid of Down’s Syndrome support, Huntingdon.


    Pubs. Line a couple up and it’s nice and manageable.


    Just go easy. Hold back on any climbs. Eat regular. Don’t just take a sack of gels. Pack sandwiches, have a couple of cafe stops or whatever. If it’s really flat, it shouldn’t be too difficult, but still a long day on the bike.

    It’s good to know where any cafe’s/pubs/notable stops are before setting off, and then you can break down the ride into chunks with points to look forward to.


    Did the Manchester 100 miler last weekend with a friend who is a relative novice. She managed it fine but we took our time average speed 11.5 miles an hour…
    A long day out for sure. No energy gels were consumed just lots of cake, flapjack, haribos and plenty of fluid.
    Stopped every 20 miles or so with a longer stop about midway.
    I’d not done 100 before but this was also very flat so wasn’t too concerned. The 70 mile Cheshire Cat route or anything above 50 round the peaks was much much tougher. It’s the hills that kills

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    Set off slower than you normally do – a good bit slower. Audaxers tend to aim for a 12mph average if that helps.

    thanks folks great advice.

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    I did 230 miles in a day last week having only done 160 previously. It’s just more of the same. Plan for an overall average (including stops) of 10-11 mph and you should do just fine.

    Short breaks are better than long ones – your muscles don’t get into relax mode 🙂

    i did fail to mention that her bike is about 25 years old and mine 21 years old, nice bit of Reynolds and Columbus, so pace will be fairly sedate! 😀

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