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  • Premier Icon dougal365

    I’ve had zp80, zp100, Play 1 and Play 3 and have family with paired Play 3 and single Play 5 set ups. I think the Play 1 and Play 3 are the best value, and that paired Play 3 is significantly better than Play 5. Other than PVR for the TV, I think Sonos is the single best tech purchase I’ve made in terms of ease of use and quality of product. Expensive but in my view well worth it. Especially true if family members intend to use as well.
    (I’ve meddled with Chromecast Audio and Logitech systems, not for me)


    cheers dougal – so is that a ‘paired Play 3’ coming out top then? And what is a paired Play?!! Excuse my stupidity! Ta.


    Have the set (including one for the Hi Fi). Once you buy one, you’ll get more. They work beautifully together, sound reasonable and give a good overall user experience. Play 5 has AUX input, and I used it for TV output in our lounge, but Mrs TiRed never really adjusted to switching inputs. Play 3 sounds almost as good and fills a room. Two Play 1’s in stereo are also an option. If you don’t need AUX input, I’d buy a Play 3. One of our Play 1’s has proven a popular university purchase when Teen1 is away!

    They now use your home WiFi by default. I preferred the previous Sonus networking.

    That said… “Alexa, play Radio 4” is rather a nice saying in our kitchen at the moment thanks to Amazon Prime Day. Too bad the sound is rubbish. Needs “Alexa, play Radio 4 on the Dining Room Sonos 3”. I hope that’s planned 😉


    Bought a few play 5’s about 6/7 years ago and they have never put a foot wrong and just work. The sound quality is excellent and the software is good as well.

    Premier Icon Doh1Nut

    “Paired” is I assume linking two together to form a stereo pair
    which given that a Play 1 is about half the price of a play 3 it is not as wasteful as it first sounds

    Premier Icon alfabus

    Google home + some chromecasts for the win

    Ok google, play 6 music
    Ok google, play AC/DC in the living room
    Ok google, play some jazz downstairs – chromecast ‘group’, 2 google homes and a chromecast audio for me.
    Ok google, play better call Saul on the tv – finds it on Netflix, turns the TV on and plays it!

    What a time to be alive 🙂

    Premier Icon Clobber

    That said… “Alexa, play Radio 4” is rather a nice saying in our kitchen at the moment thanks to Amazon Prime Day. Too bad the sound is rubbish. Needs “Alexa, play Radio 4 on the Dining Room Sonos 3”. I hope that’s planned

    I do this… buy an echo dot… it has an aux connection and the sonos 5 has aux in and wake on aux signal.

    So I just tell Alexa to play “Insert your choice of music here” and off the 5 goes in all it’s glory…

    It’s pretty good, don’t regret buying it at all…

    I’m a massive fan of the Sonos stuff. The quality of the sound I think is fantastic for a one-box setup, its well put together and the simplicity of use (take it out the box, plug it in and spend a minute configuring it and its done) just bowls me over. Got a 1 in the bedroom, 3 in the kitchen and a connect hooked up to our old hifi incl turntable etc in the front room. Will be adding more most likely in the office and the garage…

    A mate has the soundbar. That sounds really, really good…

    With this google stuff, do you not wonder what else they’re listening to in your house?


    Want a simple system that sounds great and lasts years. Is it worth paying a premium for Sonos? I’m new to all this tech, so it needs to be easy to set up and user friendly. Ta for any tips.


    spent a silly amount on sonos over the years.
    pretty much everything cept the sub and connect.

    great but I think the play1 is actaully the best value. sounds fantastic considering what it cost, ive even considered selling the play3s and buying play1.

    the old play5 was good but I think the new play5 is over priced


    I’ve got a new play 5. The best thing about it is it is convenient. The audio is OK. I was a little underwhelmed – tbh, I wish I’d spent a bit more and bought the MCR 610 and a pair of speakers.

    That’s not to say I won’t do that and use the play five and some play 3/1’s elsewhere in the house. It really is uber convenient..

    Rob Hilton

    I’d have gone for the Play 5 if it had an internal battery – the times I’ve been away from a power source have, admittedly, been few.

    I did a shit-ton of research on portable speakers, waiting til Black Monday for a good price and got a Riva Turbo X. Seemingly unbettered for sound quality other than the Riva S, but the turbo is moar loud – and that (sometimes) counts.

    Current Amazon price is dead good & I’d be getting another if they sorted out the shitty app and allowed them to play as a stereo pair.


    Guy at Richer Sounds said the Play 5 is significantly better than the Play 3. Ive got a Playbar and Play 5 paired in the Kitchen and its a good sound. You can ramp the volume right up as well if necessary.

    Premier Icon somouk

    Love my Sonos, I have two play 1s in the bedrooms and will be expanding with a 1 in the kitchen and a 3 in the living room.

    It’s certainly worth seeing how they sound first if possible as the 1s give off a fair amount of sound from such small boxes so a 5 may be overkill unless it’s a big space.


    Needs “Alexa, play Radio 4 on the Dining Room Sonos 3”. I hope that’s planned

    Sometime this year apparently

    Premier Icon paulx

    My 7 year old Play 5 started playing up – lost the connection to the bass speaker and sounded awful.

    I emailed Sonos support any they sent me a new one – ( may have been reconditioned ) for £129. Not bad for a £400 odd speaker that was 6 years out of warranty,

    I’ve now got an original Play 5 and a new model Play 5 – the new one has much more punch soundwise.


    I love my sonos stuff.

    I have a playbar under the Tele and a pair of play 1’s as rear surrounds.

    Looking for a sonos sub to go with it soon.

    Really does sound good.


    My brother has got a Play 5.

    It sounds OK for a one box solution but to my ears it’s a bit boom tish car stereo type sound – lots of bass and treble with detail in the midrange missing.
    Knowing my brother though, he’s probably not set it up properly.

    They’re convenient, but expensive for the sound quality.

    Based on what I have heard, I think the 1 and 3 are better options….

    Premier Icon convert

    I have Sonos in 4 rooms. I like it – not the last word in audio but I like the simplicity. But….I’d only buy if I wanted the multi room concept. I would not buy a 5 (or any other) unless it was the beginning of a bigger system.

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