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  • warton

    …perfect 🙂

    I have play 3s in my bedroom and kitchen. I Never really use them to their potential. Play 1 in both rooms, use a play 3 in the dining room, and one to make a stereo pair in the living room.

    I love SONO 🙂

    Premier Icon RicB

    You got the email too then?!

    Does look good. Free bridge if you buy before Xmas too 🙂

    Was thinking of a play3 for kitchen but this looks better (and cheaper).

    Considering the price I wonder if they’re using it as a loss-leader to get people to buy into Sonos….


    Yeah looks excellent. I have two Play 3s, one in the bedroom which is a bit of a waste, going to get a play1 to have in the bedroom and have the 3 downstairs in the lounge. Sell the bridge on eBay to discount the cost nicely.


    Like the idea of Play 1s as satellite speakers to go with the Playbar.

    However before any of that I’d rather get another Play 5 to make a stereo pair 🙂

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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