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  • Sonder Colibri Ti – any reviews?
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    I can find reviews for the carbon version, but not Ti. Any experiences?

    Looking for a road bike with discs for an old, slow guy to replace a 10 year old Salsa Pistola. I’ve already got a Salsa Vaya so it doesn’t need to be gravel, commute, tour ready. Other suggestions welcome, but prefer metal to carbon.

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    I took out a small colibri from Ambleside as I had arranged a quick test ride of the colibri and the camino ti of the two, the camino was more up right and comfy although it was a medium. The colibri gave me a pain between the shoulders, but it rode very nicely. I have since ridden the camino ti small which was very good although with the big tyres I had sope toe overlap, this can be sorted with 700*30 or 650b tyres and wheels. If you live within striking distance of a alpkit store they can arrange a demo.

    They will also adjust the setup so I intend to go for a small camino ti 105 with mason hunt gravel wheels.
    I am,5’7″ with 29.5″ legs if that helps.

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