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  • Sonder Camino AL – Experiences?
  • Sorry – tried searching the forum but only found one post from someone that actually has one…and since lost that.

    Does anyone actually have the AL Camino?
    I’m looking at the frameset only and interested to hear how it rides compared to a steel frame.
    Also, assume rear spacing is 135mm?



    Premier Icon simon1975

    Not ridden but I was looking at them in Hathersage on Sunday. Take standard QR’s front and rear. Seem well thought-out and quite nicely made.

    I got one recently, I reckon it’s ace. I got the 1×11 cable disc build on the basis that the hydro brakes would cost the difference if I didn’t like the BB5s.
    Frame only looks like a sensible option if you’ve got the bits in the shed anyway. The build seems pretty good for the price to me.
    Compared to steel is hard to say, since wheels, fatter tyres, position all are different from my road bike. It’s sprightly and lots of fun to ride.

    Thanks both.
    I’d building up from parts i already have, so frameset still looks like a good deal.
    Do you have any photos – difficult to tell how the frame looks in the flesh from the photos on the website

    This is the tarmac colour – seems a touch green in the flesh, at least to my eyes – mrswithchips says that’s mince. I like it – tastes vary, whatever.

    Leaning on a post

    Lurking in a bush

    Resting by a gate

    Waiting for a wash

    I had the saddle and post, so they did me a deal on setting up tubeless. I had the bottle cage, otherwise this is straight out the box. Fast uphill, entertaining downwards.

    Premier Icon mattbee

    Probably my post you’ve seen. Love mine. Wife loves hers too. Not ridden a steel bike of similar ilk so no idea how they compare. 650b wheels a revelation. Slightly slower on road but barely, so much more comfortable off road & feel bombproof on poor condition roads, inc recent top dressing works.
    Few pics:


    I really like them too, and they are top of the list to replace my ageing 2012 arkose 3 frame. Lots of clearance, lots of bosses. I just wish the whole bike was the tarmac colour personally, and it would be good if they published frame weight, but not a big issue. Any siimilar bike in steel seems to be a chunk more money, like the Coix de Fer, Light blue Darwin etc. The new Kinesis Tripster AT looks brilliant, but the Sonder is much better value and has lots going for it.


    I would buy one on the bike to work scheme as I have the coupon ready to cash in but the sticking point is the 150 quid admin fee so I am still looking 🙁

    It is actually for biking to work

    Excellent – thanks all for the pics and information.
    mattbee – yes, it was your post i’d seen. Nice work colour matching hubs and cables there.
    From what i’ve seen none of the builds come with 650b wheels, so assume you swapped those out yourself. The WTB tyres look a perfect match.
    I just wish the paint job was different – it’d look great raw, but that’s fairly minor really.
    cheers all


    I am tossing up between this and the Mango Point AR frame set for my do it all we don’t have space for three bikes “Dad” bike.

    I have been using the Geometry Geeks website to compare sizing. It is so very difficult when I am in Singapore trying to make a decision on these things. Really do not want it to come up small and cramped. Want a relaxed but if I want to put the hammer down I can style bike. I am just under 6ft 2 hence why looking more towards the Camino AL XL. Anyone of similar height who has on bike photos to show riding position?

    Premier Icon mattbee

    The pics of mine show an XL with a 80mm stem. I’m 6’2″ with a 34″ inside leg. Set up as it is it matches the measurements given to me after a Retul bike fit, albeit with a 5mm higher bar position.

    Out of interest is that boss on the fork a rack mount or just a mud guard mount? Just waiting for a response from Alpkit on that, but assuming (probably incorrectly) that as it’s a carbon fork it’s only for mud guards.

    Mango is a good shout – had completely forgotten about those.

    Premier Icon mattbee

    I thought it was actually a rack mount. Had to bend the mudguard stays quite a bit to fit them.


    @twicewithchips – what size is yours and what does it weigh?


    Morning bump


    I am seriously considering one of these for commuting, tow paths and general exploring. Does anyone have any further expiences to share?

    Not sure whether to buy a frame and build it up or get a full bike.

    I think I would like flat bar with bar ends, 1x, hydraulic brakes in chilli red. Two sets of wheels.

    I saw the Tifosi Cavazzo at the Bike Show at the NEC and thought that was perfect but this Sonder is cheaper. Cavazzo has a carbon frame, very versatile with rack mounts.

    Sorry elshamino I missed that question previously – I’ve not weighed mine.  Unhelpfully its inbetween my road bike and my mountain bike.  The stock wheels aren’t especially light though, so would possibly consider that as an early upgrade if I went down that route.

    Some weights were noted in the other thread – which also discusses use as a commuter if that’s any help.

    It just seems to work.

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