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  • Sonder broken road vs Stanton Sherpa Ti
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    I am in the market for a new hardtail, looking at the 2 above frames.

    test rode a steel sherpa last year and liked it, looking to test ride a pinion broken road after lockdown. if i’m sold on the pinion I will probably go with that as I like the low maintenance idea.

    plan is to have 2 wheel sets, 29er set with faster rolling tyres for local rides and a 27.5+ set for trail centres and off road stuff. will be to complement my full sus so more concerned with its the bikes ability to cover distance than ride more technical stuff.

    just looking for peoples experiences with the 2 bikes please?

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    I’m 6 months into waiting for my steel Sherpa to arrive (!) but was in the same position to you. Decided that 1-2 hour blasts were more common than bikepacking, and therefore on balance the Sherpa edged it, over the very long seat stays of the Broken Road for my use. Haven’t ridden either or Ti, so just my general decision rather than experience! Sorry, maybe not helpful!

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    Received my Broken Road in December

    Your set up is similar to mine in that my 2nd bike is a full suss so the BR is mainly for longer days in the saddle and some bike packing when that time comes!

    I have x2 wheelsets (27.5+ and 29er) which both work incredibly well and makes the bike very versatile. Even with 27.5 fitted the bike rolls well and is very comfortable over longer distances – I tend to ride 50 miles off-road on longer weekend rides and have yet to feel fatigued or sore.

    I have also managed to get the weight down to just under 13kg which I think is quite reasonable for a HT. Next plan is to change the fork to Reba/SID and save another c600g which will help on those long days/trips out

    In summary, this is my favorite HT to date mainly due to the versatility. It’s not a hardcore HT which was key to me as I’ll use the full susser for bike parks etc but it will still rip round my local woods when needed

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    Great, thank you. Sounds ideal for what I’m after, I already have a set sids ready to go on whatever I get

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    TI brokenroad hear and also a frontier.
    I also purchased a travers XC prong rigid fork.
    Set of hunt wheels.
    Hunts run 2.25 fast rolling.
    Standard rims 2.4 rear 2.5 front.
    With the hunts and 2.25 its 10kg, put the prong in its 9 ish kg. A proper whippet.
    With the standard wheels plus fat rubber its heavy but will plough through everything.
    In light weight mode so to speak it will hustle quickly through most but I’ve also done 60 odd plus miles in both builds.
    I like both options and in both it will cover any ground quickly. The presumption is it’s a bike packing heavy slug. It honestly isnt.
    Size xl does make it long, you do have to push the front end about if very twisty and slow.
    Fast though it is glued to any line.
    I considered Stanton but frankly to expensive.
    Note it’s not pinion.

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    Thank you, I like the idea of pinion, will obviously add some weight. need to try before I buy.

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    Not Broken Road but very similar. Titus Mutsu which is a short-lived near-identical Planet X copy (rip-off) of the Broken Road Ti – same geometry, sizing etc with only the dropsouts differing, so hopefully still relevant.

    XL frame
    eXotic monocoque carbon fork 490mm
    680mm flat bars
    Fulcrum Red Zone 500 wheels (1800g the pair)
    700×50 Clement Xplors
    13.1kg with Brand X dropper, lights, full-length SKS Edge ALs which add a fair chunk of weight

    Ridden just over 5,000km on it since Nov 2019, almost all offroad. Love it. It’s my go-to bike at the moment due to lockdown restrictions. Works well on gravel-type stuff, tame trailcentres and natural stuff, tyres mean I need to rein in my enthusiasm at times. I imagine with grippier and bigger tyres for comfort it’d be superb on longer distance MTBing, but even with my build it’s still great for longer less technical gravel-type days out.

    Premier Icon endurogangster
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    Thank you, that sounds exactly like the kind of thing I am after

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