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  • Somewhat hypothetically – help me choose a location to live in Scotland please
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    globalti, sounds awesome, nice work

    matt – cheers, will do! When me and the missus were sniffing about before new year we went to the Riverside for a pint, then back to there for dinner which was very good. Never made it to the Tappit Hen. Also bought a Steak Pie for new year from the butcher’s on the left hand side of the high street as you walk up (not the posh one at the end on the right) and it was f’ing epic!

    highlandman – I hope you all let us back in, it’s been 17 years since we lived in Inverurie (our last Scottish address), and according to NE pals unfortunately I now “sound like a **** American”

    Highlandman – just posted about Pitlochry as a place to live regarding mountain bikers. Do you have any knowledge of groups around there?

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    Also bought a Steak Pie for new year from the butcher’s on the left hand side of the high street as you walk up (not the posh one at the end on the right) and it was f’ing epic!

    I keep suggesting we have a mid-winter pie-off competition to some of the touristy folk here. I think it would be a winner.

    And yes, pies on nom.

    I had some good nights in the Tappit Hen! Lived in Cambuskenneth for a long while and Doune for a couple of years before heading south on a misrepresentation… but such is life! Don’t think I ever sampled any pie based goodness though and feel I may have missed out now.

    Can’t wait to get back north!

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    As i mentioned earlier in the thread I was born and raised in the Hillfoots (going back this weekend to visit parents and can’t wait). I find it funny reading the info on BofA and Dunblane being popular etc. Nothings changed since the 70s when my folks moved up. They always said they wanted to live Dunblane but couldnt afford the houses at £7k and had to move to the Hillfoots instead as the houses were only €6k. 🤣

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    For the Stirlingshire residents amongst us – what folks thoughts on Callander?

    There some nice options in Stirling, very few in Dunblane (basically none!) of something suitable form price/size/location combinations.

    Callander has been thrown at us, went to see a house, loved it, loved the town (spent time there as a youth walking so know it only a wee bit), seems that McLaren is a pretty good school etc etc

    Callander? Good place to live? thoughts appreciated! its a curveball I didn’t expect.


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    Callander is good.

    Good school.

    Gets a good dose of sun being such an open valley.

    You will be heading to Stirling regularly, but the schools, supermarkets, leisure, doctors etc is all they’re.

    Great riding 😎

    Blue rinse bus tours pack the place in summer and abandon it for the winter. Traffic queues can be bad in summer. Not huge employment. A bit run down around the edges still.

    We nearly ended up there.

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    @matt_outandabout cheers again Matt, appreciate it. Getting closer!

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    What a great time to choose to move country, move all money. Get rid of a flat, buy a house, move house, move dog, move kids schools, move family…

    Talk about crushing anxiety. Never in my life etc etc The issue was that our exit timelines were pretty fixed, and that happened before the big lockdown. Jesus H Christ what a stress.

    Anyway, it somehow is all working out. I moved into the empty house in Stirling on Monday as advance party before the family arrive in July.

    Travelling from CH, my goodness airports are strange places at the moment. Swiss air was fine, all luggage arrived in Heathrow. Then flying to Glasgow BA have managed to lose my **** bike. For **** week. And its still not **** here. FFS. I’ve been walking the trails nearby, saying hello to all the bikers!

    Chances of it every arriving? Still, in the grand scheme of stresses, its minor. I can’t believe we’ve managed to get it done.

    Well done, and best of luck in the new place mate, Moving is stressful as f at the best of times without all this shit!

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