sometimes, is violence the only answer…………….on a commute.

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  • sometimes, is violence the only answer…………….on a commute.
  • Andyhilton

    Violence is never the answer but it sounds like he deserved it!

    What car was he driving?

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    I'd take a different route into work now for a couple of weeks!


    If someone threatens to kill you then violence is perfectly acceptable!


    Not at all correct, in anyway. Violence begets violence.

    However with the adrenaline hit that a near miss like that causes and the fear factor of having someone screaming in your face like that I find I can only thump em or laugh. Dunno why laughing helps calm me down but it does.

    Having been in that situation before I cant bring myself to condem you for thumping him. Im sure people will be along in a minute though 😉


    Well hope you get other people phone numbers as you will need witnesses indeed. That is the kind of little scrotum that will pull up a fight only to get spank severely and then go and cry to the police.
    Violence was not necessary. But sometimes it feels goooooood.


    a guy came up to you and started screaming in your face? did he have some step ladders with him?

    Headbutting someone always strikes me as a very cowardly act. Now if you had challenged him to 'put up his dukes or piss off' i would have been impressed.

    Sounds like he deserved a slap, but headbutting him……

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    what helmet for headbutting someone?

    good move tho' – headbutt to the face, unexpected and effective.

    punching someone will just break your hand.

    (you've got 3 primary targets in a fight: eyes / throat / gentlemans' area)


    how do you nut someone ( accurately ) if you're wearing a cycle helmet ?


    True story? Nice one! Hope your swede isn't bruised too much.

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    He must have had a death wish, squaring up to you mate.


    nice one. and not in a sarcastic way either.

    bloke sounds like a jumped up prick.

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    so the inevitable happens, you smash you forehead into his screaming face

    would it be the correct way to act or not…….

    Depends whether you now need to buy yourself a new helmet or not.


    Damn right, some people deserve a kicking like that, he no doubt thought 'skinny cyclist I'll have him' -twunt.
    Best addition to mtb commuting armoury are spd shoes with metal toe studs in them, make a right mess of lights/panels and flesh especially if you do like old school rugby and footy players and file them sharp.
    Had a similar thing years ago with a cab driver, put a 4ft scrape down his car when he fored me off into some roadworks barriers trying to squeeze past, he got out to chance his arm and when he shoved me it was all the excuse I needed to drop him – smashed his nose and gave him a decent shiner to go with it, don't think he'll ever do it again. Lesson there, I'm an ex rugby player and a chef so am a bit handy when pushed!


    Did you get him with the peak of the helmet on the bridge of the nose as thats going to hurt…… oh i do hope you did 😈


    well done.

    shame i have to second the thoughts above about witnesses, you might get lucky and he may crawl under a rock for a while.

    do not change your commute, unless you think you are in the wrong.

    if you shout at me from three foot away im gonna kick or punch you, any closer im gonna headbutt you, if you can remain 8' away im happy to let you scream and shout all you like, i'll probably just laugh at you and suggest you will give yourself a heart attack.


    he no doubt thought 'skinny cyclist I'll have him' -twunt

    never met ton have you.

    I don't encourage a violent reaction but you clearly felt under threat if he was standing 5mm from you then you were wide-open to a nasty attack and he had just threatened to kill you. Not sure what the problem with a quick headbutt is except that it can go wrong and hurt a lot. I suppose grappling would be better but you have to be confident you know what you're doing.

    Remember, he drives a deadly weapon. Avoid your usual route for a while.

    I'm an ex rugby player and a chef so am a bit handy when pushed!

    I will bare that in mind if i ever get into an argument with Anthony Worrell Thompson 🙂

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    he no doubt thought 'skinny cyclist I'll have him'

    If he did he's mad.

    He should have thought "**** me this guy is built like a bear, best not doing somenthing stupid like treated to kill him."


    Ton ,you did the right thing. He ensured violence when he entered into your personal space. There's only ever one outcome if you do that.

    Nope it wouldn't.

    Not saying he didn't deserve it, but you'd be now sharing the roads with an very angry aggresive bloke who's driving a car and looking for revenge.


    Bravo Ton!

    Now if only you were wearing a helmet cam 😈

    Premier Icon zbonty

    Ah, the old overtake a cyclist, sharp left 2 seconds later move. A personal favourite

    Can't fault you at all based on the evidence.

    Many motorists think they are invincible and treat vulnerable cyclists like ****. Karate chop to the throat i say


    5mm away, screaming how he will kill you

    If someone screamed that at me, that close, they would have got the same off me too.

    Vocally shouting off is one thing, but taking it to your face and saying they are going to kill you is another.

    Ton – go on tell us what was he driving, BMW X6 by any chance 😉


    nobtwidler – Member

    If someone threatens to kill you then violence is perfectly acceptable!

    Violence is only justified in self defence.

    Understandable in this case and mitigating circumstances but still morally and legally wrong.

    Still – the driver probably won't have a go at a cyclist again


    ton – I can't help feeling that this is a made up tail to keep us all busy on a Wednesday morning 🙂

    If Ton is as big as I think he is I find it hard to believe that anyone would get "in his face" like that


    I hope you follwed it up and keyed his car and lobbed a bomb in the windscreen?

    Premier Icon DezB

    Don't agree with headbutting either, but yeah, sounds like a good approach.
    I had a close one with a bloke who turned left in exactly the same way, very very close to knocking me off – I shouted "PR1CK!" which he heard and stopped just up ahead by the entrance to a some houses. As he got out of his crappy car he probably expected me to shit myself and sprint off, so I rode up to him, got off the bike and said "You nearly killed me there" -he was weird, couldn't look me in the eye, just as his slow brain was working out what to say, a car drove out of the entrance road. A cop car! Cop got out and said to me "Everything ok?" "Yes apart from this bloke trying to kill me". We all went on our merry way.
    Chuckled all the way to work!


    As cheesyfeet says. DONT ride the sameway for a couple of weeks.


    You lot are all scared of Ton. If I'd have nutted someone you'd be calling for the death penalty….

    I blame the coffee.

    Tango Man

    The guy probably thought he was still in his car therefore immune to a cyclist attack

    Well Done if it did happen.


    Great, another commuting troll thread.


    Just a thought, I have always wondered if u have a big sign on your jersey saying one of a couple of things would help:

    dont fekking kill me with youre car, I might be your father, brother, cousin or best friend and that wouldnt be nice


    dont fekking hit me with youre car cos I'll rip your head off and crap down your fat double chinned head THEN key your pride and joy


    Government Health Warning: Agressive Cyclist, Give me space.

    Maybe a little agressive but they'd have been warned!


    Should have sat on him

    let's say…

    Sounded pretty hypothetical to me.

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    I can't help feeling that this is a made up tail to keep us all busy on a Wednesday morning

    Well he does phrase it as a hypothetical!


    Nice one, I'd change my route though, he might turn up with 3 mates in the car.


    I would like to see cycling jerseys with this sign on:

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