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  • 3bikeman

    See Quantocks to be sold off by Somerset CC in CHAT FORUM

    address on there to write to if you are concerned – as I am


    Sharki has been looking at the maps this morning.

    From his Facestalk…

    I’m sat in county hall looking at the maps detailing a proposed sell off by SCC of 3 areas of the quantock hills.

    The whole of GW and cockercombe forestry.
    Common land north of GW and south of the road from crowcombe to over stowey.

    And more shockingly, a swath of land west of and extending from halsway post to the valley extending to paradise combe.

    Will be contacting friends of the quantocks who appear to be mounting pressure to halt this sell off.

    EDIT – I see he’s replied on t’other thread.


    Need to keep this thread at the top of the page so as many people as possible see it – good report on BBC news somerset – good report from Sharki


    For those intersted.
    The three areas proposed to be sold.

    Common land north of GW forest, including DWD.

    The bulk of the land in the proposal. Includes all the manmade stuff and the chimney. Plans are to sell it to the FC who are lease holders.

    The third, a random one on the west side of the hills. Rarely used by anyone, poor grazing but a super diverse landscape.

    Poor effort in drawing up the plans, not professional, maybe rushed and a breach of copyright?

    And finally, i’ve never heard of Ssshits hill or a Actiove CSS.


    Local MPs, ramblers, complain to your counsellor?

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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