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  • So, what would you do? #FWP
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    Incredibly trivial, but I am undecided on how to enjoy a rare night out next week.

    I am off to the Academy in Manchester on Saturday 21st for the Megadog reunion…9pm – 4am with Eat Static, System 7 & Dreadzone.

    The old me would not have given a second thought to what happens after the club, but the 42 year old me is wondering what the best course of action is in the small hours of Sunday morning.

    I am going with my mate who lives near Hudds, I live near to Wolverhampton.

    Do I book a hotel to get a few hours shut eye before driving back? What time do hotels kick you out on a Sunday…is it different on the weekend?

    The only stimulants I will be having will be a few drinks…the old days are staying very much in the past….I can’t see me drinking much past 11ish, so should be OK to drive home after lunchtime (I will have danced and sweated for hours as well)

    What are my other options? Any ideas from the discerning middle aged party goers?

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    Dreadzone… Eat static and system 7 and you’re planning stop drinking around 11….. And no drugs!! You have more restraint than me. Should be a good evening though so enjoy.
    Dread zone are playing our little local pub/venue in the new year and I’m very much looking forward. Will get pretty smashed and skank like a loon then walk or shamble the 100meters home.

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