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  • Some pics from yesterdays beachride… (blue skys content)
  • coastkid

    Yesterdays Beachride,
    30-40 miles up the coast from Longniddry in East Lothian to Lieth on the Eastern side of Edinburgh and back…

    Looking West to Edinburgh…

    002 by coastkid71, on Flickr

    Some local Industrial Heritage…

    038 by coastkid71, on Flickr

    054 by coastkid71, on Flickr

    Reclaimed land from coal ash from the local power station…

    063 by coastkid71, on Flickr

    Portobello beach, Edinburgh…

    073 by coastkid71, on Flickr

    Heading back towards home…

    082 by coastkid71, on Flickr

    Low Tide and pugs makes light work of the stones…

    087 by coastkid71, on Flickr

    This was a Harbour 600 years ago…

    093 by coastkid71, on Flickr

    Thatcher killed our coal Industries but not the power stations…

    096 by coastkid71, on Flickr

    Check out that blue sky!…

    097 by coastkid71, on Flickr

    Unusually calm sea…

    100 by coastkid71, on Flickr

    A coal grinding ring from the power station…check the size of the bearings!…

    107 by coastkid71, on Flickr

    Nearly Home…

    115 by coastkid71, on Flickr

    Amazing days weather and great scenery…

    117 by coastkid71, on Flickr

    wee write up here…


    Informative and nice to look at as always, thanks.
    Is that an alfine hub? how do you like it, a friend is thinking of a 907 with alfine would you reccommend it?


    Don’t normally like the silly niche stuff, but in your case it seems to be function over form and as such, I really enjoy reading about your trips out, loads of info, very unusual rides.

    Premier Icon cinnamon_girl

    Wow! That is a seriously impressive blue sky. 🙂

    Nice to see interesting sights on a ride and an opportunity to appreciate the past.

    Out of curiosity, how much does your fat bike weigh?


    Cool, I like that run along the coast, you can also go to the lagoons and the golf course at musselburgh has some great jumps 😉


    Getting less niche, theres 3 around here now 😮
    Pugsley with the Alfine and tools etc weighs a ton…
    well about 38/39 lbs,
    It was 34 lbs before with 2×9 XT. weight dosnt matter that much for riding the terrain they go over, they just dont ride like they weigh. Hard to explain but all owners say that, you feel the weight if your shouldering them or lifting over fences but they were never intended for that.
    I love the Alfine for the straight chainline and no grass wrapped up etc, but prefer the lower ratio of a 22/34 2×9 set up, im running 32/24 and nearly low enough for really soft sand,
    Stainless chainring,steel sprocket and rustproof BMX chain is pretty bomber…
    fatbikes are not everyones cup of tea but i love it 😮

    Premier Icon cinnamon_girl

    38/39 lbs.? 😯

    Blimey, you must have incredibly strong legs! I noticed that on one of your Cheviots pics you were riding the fat bike. Is it not hard work on grassy tracks?

    Your rides just look amazing particularly how you incorporate local history. A bike ride becomes far more … a journey through time.

    I find I need to have a purposeful ride – something in particular I want to look at, ie ancient trackways, an old building or church. Makes it more of an adventure!

    Premier Icon epicyclo

    cinnamon_girl – Member
    38/39 lbs.?

    You really don’t notice the weight. Even a relic like me only has a problem when I have to lift it over a fence (and that’s more due to an old injury).

    Fatbikes are the first true mountain bikes IMO. You feel you can take them anywhere.


    I notice that you seem to be carrying some sort of hand grenade on your belt..


    I notice that you seem to be carrying some sort of hand grenade on your belt..

    yep,a couple of Mills with 7 second fuses for shifting sea gulls 😮

    CG; i have done 56 mile rides twice on the Cheviots, then same ride on the regular bike and i was knackerd, wierd i know but true…
    Soft wet spongy grass trails are often easier, but the pace is slower mind,
    You can build an alloy frame (9zero7) fatbike up to around 29 lbs now…there are a few fatbike framesets now that are alot lighter than the original production pugs…


    My pugsley is due to arrive mid March, really excited about it. Just out of interest what rear rack is on yours? And was it a pain to fit?


    Superb pictures coastkid.
    A different sort of ride in more ways than one, but a good one.


    Mantastic; rear rack is just a cheapy £15 MTB (26″) rack from the bike chain, added a bit of a front fender on the end as ride through a lot of water on the beach, used more for a mudgaurd than rack though sometimes add a pannier,
    fitted it on outside of seat stays with a small spacer on the LHS to sit it central,


    Nice. Certainly better than being stuck in the office like I was!

    My father in law used to be a chief engineer in that power station.

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