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  • some more NZ photos :D
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    Lots and lots and lots of sheep….heading across the mavora lakes road to walters peak

    Glenorchy pier

    [kayaking in abel tasman]

    Lovely place …thanks Postierich for the recomendation

    one legged duck that hops everywhere….im not joking either !

    more at

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    Nice photos – you;ve had a reasonable run of weather as well.Good call missing the Wgtn-PN section although the only bit of motorway (just for info like) is the small 3K stretch into Wgtn city. You avoid it by riding through Thorndon Quay and out the old Hutt Rd then up the Ngauranga Gorge – by the top of that you’ll be puffing like a good ‘un , then hop through J’Ville and down Middleton Rd then drop back onto the main rd there. But you could ride the whole lot if you wanted. I wouldn;t though because its a sucky section of road. Enjoy the upper nth island.

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    ha cheers col , hasnt all been plain sailing but the camera stays away in bad weather … the rain claimed my mp3 player in start of the new year … hope my travel insurance covers it !

    i know about the motorway , thats more for my friends watching from home who will be accusing us of woosing out … but if its motorway they cant say that 😉

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