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  • some front end federweg for an alpine……
  • alpin

    oooo. new look. what happened there then? is it going back to the old (no, not that old, the one before this) look? prefered that.


    yay! got a new frame from santa. dialled alpine. also got some money to burn, around 500quid on some new forks. currently running revs (130mm) but was thinkng something longer (upto 150/160) might be in order.

    usual riding location is the alps. long (1000m decents) and techy.

    looked at pics of other folks alpines and many seem to be decked with marzchi’s but have heard bad reports.
    fox? was thinking coil 36 van or racing shox 36 van…. based on price and travel. what’s the difference there?

    or lyriks? are they more reliable than they were in the past?




    any ideas???


    Firstly your links dont seem to work for me.
    So I have re done them for you.

    Lyrik 2-Step 1.5 steerer

    Lyrik U-Turn

    The 1.5 steerer wont fit an alpine as far as I know. The 2-Step is a great idea but that was the fault with Lyriks no idea if its been fixed yet. The U-Turn is a great fork and and should work faultlessly.

    Fox forks need servicing pretty often so be wary of that when considering buying one. The Van is coil sprung the Float is air and the Talas is air but with external travel adjust.

    If you want the lightest fork get the 36 Float. If you want the most reliable fork with travel adjust get the Lyrik U-Turn.

    Oh and dont get new marzocchis I have herd too many horror stories about them.

    I’ve been long sold on Manitous. I also had some Magura forks in the past and they were good enough for everything I threw at them. Having spoken to Magura guys recently I’d still consider them a good long-term purchase.


    I have Wotans on my Enduro. Not had chance to give them a proper beating yet but they feel good to me. And they have the flight control too so the front can be dropped when you want to go up.


    merci beucoup…..

    yeah heard crappy things about the mazzochi’s. shame cozu otherwise they would seem ideal….

    looked at the manitou nixons too. nice price but haven’t found lots of info on them and the last pair of manitous i had (axel) the lock out failed and the warrenty was crap.

    magura wotans are also in the running and look like a good choice. only problem would be price. otherwise look like a good pair of forks.

    any further info werde ich sagen “ja, gern”



    Id say go for coil forks

    Either Fox 36 vanillas or Rock shox lyriks if you want to adjust the travel

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