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    I have not been on top of this, but could you summarise briefly for us the difference between the treatment of this woman’s severance package and Sir Fred Goodwin’s? 🙂


    As someone with experience of the hellhole that was Tunbridge Wells hospital (hopefully it’s improved in the last year) I think that’s excellent news…

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    BD, just for you I had already drafted this reply ready. I knew it was coming 🙂

    Im not going to deny there’s been plenty of well documented incidences of reward for failure in the commercial sector, but I dont recall any derivative traders being directly responsible for the untimely death of 90 people. Unless Im missing something fundamental to the futures markets?

    Not to mention it’s the shareholders of public companies that “lose” out when there’s failure and reward – they have the power to deal with it and it’s their choice to be exposed to such problems.

    We’re all the “shareholders” in NHS Trusts and we dont have a choice in the matter.

    I appreciate that RBS is “state owned” now, but in that instence it was the government that dropped the ball.

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    The former boss of an NHS trust where 90 people died in a superbug scandal has lost her High Court fight for a larger severance package.

    I’ve posted on this before as both her original demands and then the high court claim were launched.

    Now the finding.

    The former chief exec of Maidstone and Tunbridge Wells NHS Trust doesnt have a right to a golden parachute (of £175k!) which if it hadnt have been upheld would have been an awful example of reward for failure.


    It is indeed excellent news, with the caveat that we shouldn’t let the bastards at Ministerial level get away with “de-centralising” blame (as they are wont to do – despite the topdown idiocy of target culture, PFI etc).


    remember those mine collapses in china….?

    the boss and the several other big-wigs at the mine were executed for their failings.

    much better system.

    you’d have heads of department going around checking that jobs had been done instead of sitting in office meetings.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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