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    I’ll soon to be coming up to near Dumfries (Crocketford area) for a family holiday. As a valued family member, naturally my bike will also be coming. I followed this thread with interest a couple of weeks ago so I have some route ideas beyond the obvious, but there are some other important questions:

    Where’s good to eat and drink?
    Is there anywhere I can buy a nice (non-supermarket) birthday cake? It’ll be my brother’s birthday while we’re away.
    What are the non-bike must-dos?
    Any good suggestions for a rainy day, should there be one?

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    Whle I think of it here’s another Q – is there a season ticket/pass that can be used at the different 7 stanes car parks? Over the course of a fortnight I might be making a few visits.


    used to be that the ticket covered you for them all. so buy one ticket visit many stanes. Probably changed now tho 🙁

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    £20 at Ae district office for season ticket.
    Used to be only Mabie for £12/15 until the rest came on stream.

    Cake = Corsons in CD
    Marchbanks in Dfs.

    Think there is a really good restruant in Crocketford but will need to check yellow pages.

    In Dumfries you will likely need to book the best places.

    hullabaloo restruant on the west side of the river located in the Robert Burns Centre

    Cavens Arms in Buccleugh St. Best pub grub in town, award winner. Busy place and does not do bookings, turn up, have a drink and probably wait no longer than 1/2hr.

    Various Pizza places.

    Good Indian in St Michaels St, again booking advised.

    Nith Hotel down in Glencaple.


    Casa Mia

    Station hotel looks like it does a good minimalist menu and a good beer, St Andrews, yummy!!

    Linen Lounge(pos expensive?)

    The Anchor at Kipford used to be good, not been for years after it went downhill with last owners.

    Steamboat at Carsethorn does good pub or dining room food, huge portions. Is by the Solway so nice on a sunny evening.

    The Indian in CD is reportedly good.

    The Italian in Dalbeattie is also good.

    No shortage of Chinese if that


    s, kids?
    (beach if dry)

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    Wow, thanks for the comprehensive answers, much appreciated!

    Are there likely to be any group rides I could tag along with in the next couple of weeks to benefit from some local knowledge? (Obviously dependent on family commitments etc.) Would be good to buy you a pint by way of thanks for the above 😛


    The Indian in CD is good, as is the Italian in CD (booking needed) CD = Castle Douglas. Couple of the Hotels/Pubs in CD do a nice Steak and Ale pie.

    This place does a nice steak bit of trek from Crocketford though.

    There is a night ride from Kirroughtree on a Tuesday 7pm fom The Breakpad.

    Think there is also evening rides from AE and Dalbeattie but can’t recall he days

    I will probably be out a couple of evenings next week (Kirroughtree and Dalbeattie) and the following weekend (tend to ride dry so if it’s hammering with rain I’ll head to the gym!!)


    Postscript Cavens good but no kids allowed, also if biking with kids blue at Dalbeattie or kirroughtree are very good.

    Family walks at Mabie and dalbeattie also very good, chippie at Dalbeattie good.

    The cocoa bean at tynholm is very good for a coffee and some young kid entertainment.

    sandy hills beach

    Rockcliffe rock pools

    The ship inn for beer garden and pub food at kingholm quay dumfries

    DG1 if its a rainy day

    Gardens at Threave for a wander, Calzean castle for a full day out

    Premier Icon Trekster
    Subscriber for Wed eve

    I can do most evenings next week + Wed all day atm with Wed eve being best.
    Following week from 23rd anytime bar 25th, afternoon/eve only(Mabie from 2?)

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    Howdy again, not found a wifi hotspot yet so internet access spoaradic to say the least! Trekster, would be good to take you up on the offer of a ride, maybe sometime next week? If nothing else I can buy you a beer/cake to say thanks for all the advice – if you’re still reading this thread drop me an email on mark at know less dot eclipse dot co uk (can get email OK on phone).


    Forge and I are having a pootle around Mabie on Saturday, and one day the next weekend will be at Kirroughtree. Trekster isn’t the only Doonhammer on here you know 🙂

    He’s also organising a ride on Tuesday late afternoon so maybe see you somewhere? Who knows. There’s also a big Intrernational Peace Festival on 27th and I will be around at 5am at the Twelve Apostles stone henge just outside Dumfries if you are feeling the Solstice vibes.


    You get a good pint in the Galloway Arms 😉

    Premier Icon Trekster

    No Galloway Arms in Dumfries tho!!

    MrG I am free on Tues/Wed I think, possibly got to go into work on 1 day next week but don`t know till Fri.

    Fri after 12 is good

    Only fly in the ointment is transport.

    Thurs @ 5 at Ae? I am working in the shop there on a Thurs so could ride from there.

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