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  • soluble with water degreaser?
  • Turnerfan1
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    Finish line used do a great concentrated degrease that you mix with water.They have stopped doing it! Used to be great for putting in a large bowl and cleaning a lot of stuff at once.Does any one else do a degreaser to mix with water? I found a small tub used to last me a year or two! Cheapskate!!
    Thanx Max

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    Buy a bottle of swarfega, works out cheaper than finish line because you get more for your money, Its water soluble and is stronger and IMO cleans parts up better

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    Fenwicks FS1, 1 Ltr for ~£5 makes up 10 Ltrs of cleaner, it’s the best value for money and also the best actual cleaner I have ever used too.

    For really greasy areas use it neat.

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    Its called ecotech and its still available from halfords

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    Smells nicer than Gunk

    Also, if you rinse it off over your weeds on the patio it will kill those off too*

    *erm, obviously not too good for the environment ??

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    you want citrus floor cleaner from your industrial supply shop. about £30 for 25 L last you a few years no doubt.

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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