solo travel as part of a bigger group

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  • solo travel as part of a bigger group
  • I want to go on holiday this summer, but don’t have anyone to go with – most mates are either in relationships or want to go on MTB holidays – I’m off on a MTB holiday, but want to do something else for a week too.

    Anyone joined a group of other solo travelers for a holiday? Looking for a week to ten days, probably Europe based, not too culture heavy, maybe sailing or kayaking, mid twenties, up to £100/day

    Would rather join a group as when I travel on my own I’m not very good at going out and meeting people – too shy!

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    I’ve been on 2 alps mtb holidays alone (I wasn’t the only loner either time IIRR).

    Went fine – the bigger boys took my dinner money and called me bumface but otherwise no problems. I’d imagine other activityish hols would be the same

    If it were a MTB holiday if be all good, but all my holidays are bike related and I want a change – just don’t know where to start!

    Any recommendations of companies to go for BTW?


    I’ve done this loads of times now – similar situation to you. If you wait for everyone to be ready to go on holiday with you, you’ll never get to see anything. Live’s too short for that!

    I did a safari three years ago with:

    They have loads of activity based trips, some of which are specifically catered to solo travellers. Try and choose a trip that doesn’t shout ‘honeymoon’. So, if you’re looking at a safari — for example — go for the wild camping option rather than the luxury lodge one. Am sure the same will hold true for other types of trip too.

    Last year I did a trip up the east coast of Australia on my own. If you decide to do something like that, rather than an activity based holiday you’ll probably find you spend a fair bit of time on your own, especially in the evening. I tended to make sure I ate a large meal at lunch, did /something/ until late in the evening and had something light for supper. That way you’re not sitting on your tod too long in a crowded restaurant.

    You’ll often meet people in a similar situation whatever type of trip you do. Have made plenty of new friends going on holiday on my own which has opened up opportunities for future holidays too. 🙂


    I booked myself on a kayaking trip by myself a few years ago, that was in Scotland. I found I didn’t socialise in the evenings with the group, but I wasn’t too bothered about that. As long as their are activities during the day, I am happy to just relax in the evenings.

    I was researching doing something this year, but I haven’t been able to fit it in, but there are quite a few small family companies (many are expats) now doing kayaking\biking\walking holidays in Greece, Croatia and Sardinia. I think you are spoiled for choice.

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    Did a trip to Egypt & Jordan a few yrs back on my tod. One of those trips where you buy units of the trip – i did Cairo to Amman taking in Petra etc. Had a great time, met some good people.
    Having said that, i used to be pretty ok about solo travel, went inter railing on my own for a month without worrying, you’ll always meet people.


    Have a look at Neilsons beachclub holidays, loads to do and generally plenty of single travellers. Haven’t had a bad holiday with them yet (been about 5 times so far and off to Turkey in June with people I met on the last one).
    They always have a social table at mealtimes so you don’t have to sit there like Billy no mates if you don’t want to…..

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    How much kayaking have you done? If you’re able to get yourself down grade 3 you’ll find it pretty easy to go to the alps with your local kayak club/ (uni club if you like a bit of rather unsafe drink fuelled carnage. )

    Or book yourself on a guided/coached trip. June to mid July you won’t have a problem finding people to go out with.

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    Have a look at Exodus, they do just the sort of trip you are after. I’ve left the card at work but there’s a French company I know of in the Nice area that may also do what you want. Regine the guide is easy on the eye too!

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    Did the whole backpacker thing in my yoof on my own, was never, or very rarely completely solo as there are so many people out there travelling too, stay in hostels etc as it’s more of a ‘muck in’ type of environment, just get out there, you’ll have a blast!


    I once joined in with a group for a canoe trip down the Cahulawassee river.
    It didn’t end well 🙁

    Pre other half went on couple of trekking holidays with Exodus on my own. Really enjoyed them, met some good people, though if you are unlucky you may end up sharing a tent with the group tw*t – every group seems to have one. Wait a minute, maybe . . . . .


    My Mrs signed up to do the Everest Basecamp trek with Exodus. The group she was with was a mix of couples and single guys. She enjoyed it so much she’s since done a similar thing to Toubkal and is planning something else next year.

    Thanks guys, sounding more hopeful! Done the gap yah travelling thing, well, cycled and hiked around a few countries, but never particularly enjoyed the whole meet random people in hostels thing, plus I always ended up in a dorm with people who snored. Will have a look at the companies mentioned, but my budget also includes flights 🙁
    Lemme know if you remember the company with the move guide sandwich 😉

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    ‘Ended up in a dorm withe the people that snored’ yeah, sorry about that monkey, think of my poor mrs, she has to put up with it every night!!
    Fwiw I did the Annapurna base camp trek about 15 yrs ago, absolutely brilliant, didn’t go on an organised trip, just did the tea house trek, fraction of the price of an organised tour, again, loads of people doing the same, so never on my own, recommend wholeheartedly, although you’d struggle to do it in a fortnight!!

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    Lunch time post tomorrow and link to the lovely Regine.


    Years back I did three MTB holidays on my own, and had a great time. Always someone to talk and drink with.
    Went to the ’94 Vail Worlds with an MBUK organised trip, took the bike too. Hung out with people on the trip and the UK team too, as I already knew Justin Loretz who came with us. Met some nice folks; hello Pete!
    Also went to Chamonix and the Parc du Volcans, in the Massif Central. Good fun, great people


    I pay the extra for single room, life too short. Always met great people in the group.


    Done a few trips with Explore including cycling tours in Jordan and Cuba. Nice mix of single people and couples and generally good social interaction between the group.

    Cheers guys. I’m off to ride across Wales but I’ll check this again towards the end of the week…

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    Subscriber are the people for guided group rides. If you go please tell them Mike from Cycle Breaks sent you.

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