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  • alexcoist

    Can’t help you out but yes to the last question!

    Isle of Skye next weekend 🙂

    Premier Icon cookeaa

    Looks like my accrued brownie points don’t actually earn me the promised full weekend to go riding until late July / early August at the earliest, and everyone I know is too busy about that time to set aside a weekend to go for a riding road trip. So I’ve started mulling over the idea of a Solo Road trip; pack up the car with food, kit, bike and a tent and have a weekend just to myself to go ride interesting places…

    Probably going to keep to the bottom half of the UK/wales (too much driving and not enough riding makes it a pointless exercise IMO) but that’s a fair area to think about, so recommend me a riding agenda/possible locations and some nice locations to camp…

    Probably going to take the HT…

    Anyone else done a solo road trip?


    round the dorset/devon/cornwall coastline?

    Premier Icon boriselbrus

    I’ve done loads of solo road trips. Most of my riding mates are married and can’t get time off so I generally head to Wales/Lakes/scotland for a couple of weeks just loading the car with bikes/tent/boots etc. I find I’m much more lonely when I’m in big towns with lots of people I don’t know then when I’m the only person around for miles. I’m pretty happy with my own company though, so maybe try a weekend and see how you get on.

    For bottom half of UK, then Dorset is great (Isle of Purbeck is fab), or Somerset/Devon? I spent a very happy week camping in the Camping and Caravan Club site in Porlock a couple of years ago. Great scenery, great riding (as long as you don’t mind some pretty steep climbs), and you are by the sea as well. For that one a couple of mates joined me for the weekend for 2 days riding in the Quantocks which was superb.

    Shropshire is great as well, especially around the Long Mynd and there is lots of nice riding around the Welsh border and mid Wales which tends to be very quiet.

    Have fun!



    95% of my trips are solo

    I just pick a spot on the map that i’ve never been to and go there.

    UKbiketrails app on iphone is very useful

    Premier Icon jezketley

    Go for it. I love my solo road trips, as you are not beholden to anyone. Can endorse Porlock, once settled, there is no need to drive anymore because there is miles and miles of great riding in all directions (bar the sea. Plus, if you arrive via the M5, you go past the Quantocks, which would be rude to pass without riding at least on the way, or way back.

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