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  • Solo night riding – MTFU?
  • mattsccm

    I do wonder what the boar here in the FoD would have to say f they found my unconscious body in the dark. Possibly the only thing in the UK that might try to eat you?
    Phones are no sodding good anyway round here. Got to go for my ride now as those pics have scared me and I must be back by dark. 😥


    might venture out tomorrow night to check that there are still no werewolves about


    Once convinced myself someone was riding behind me (without lights!) when out one night. Stopped, turned around… nothing…

    Started again, heard the noise again… Stopped… nothing… Realised I was being stupid, and checked the bike, and found some snagged plant life rubbing against the wheel…

    Premier Icon BillOddie

    Might go for a solo night ride tonight as all my riding buddies are busy/injured.

    Helmet mounted lights help with the heebeejeebee prevention.


    Off out over AC and Leigh woods now.
    Should be dark by the time I get through this shite traffic.
    Solo with four4th bar and helmet lights


    Got back a little while ago. wasn’t eaten by pigs. I did see a woman with a gun! But as she had a green truck with a yellow stripe and is often out there it wasn’t too bad. The shifty looking chaps with saws could have been scary but as they were by the xmas tree plantation I guess they were up to a little bit of private harvesting.

    Premier Icon tenfoot

    Got back a little while ago? At 7pm?. Call that a nightride? 😉

Viewing 7 posts - 81 through 87 (of 87 total)

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