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  • aweeshoe

    @cheekyboy, my gable end is well appointed and doesn’t allow any undesirable water to exit*

    *edit, I meant enter

    Thanks for the offer, but you’re supposed to be weaning yourself off the booze and I can’t risk sullying my reputation as a model citizen…


    Thanks for everyone’s ideas, I’m looking forward to trying some new things and rediscovering others


    Art can be fun to try. Drawing things in a particular style like shunga for example?


    @lapdog That’s a style I’ve not tried, I do like drawing, but my house gets clogged with paper so I tend to only do it for others. I might pick up the pencils and pens again


    I’ve been getting really quite into knitting, more so than I expected.

    Honestly? I sat on my needles and impaled myself not for the first, but for the second and third time! I thought I’d put it safely in the basket but the kittens decided to play hide and seek with it, I found it stuck through my thigh with at least 3 inches poking out the top, along with the cushion they hid it under stuck to my backside. Not one to panic and not wishing to spend the night in A and E, I thought I’d have a wee whisky while I inspect the damage.

    I changed my mind as soon as I stood up and decided the best place to review my situation was lying on the floor googling the major arteries and veins, it confirmed that it would be at least a few weeks before I died of starvation because I was being such a woose. I managed to withdraw the two pricks from my thigh, without tears or bloodshed. Needless to say I won’t be doing that again 😂

    Aweeshoes,if the pricks pierce your thigh,you’re doing it wrong,whatever it is.


    My latest anti-netflix aspirational plan involves:

    Cooking – picking a dozen meals, planning ingredients for preparing one every other night.

    Golf – cheap halfset from sports direct, 9 holes or driving range once a week. May do a course.

    Weights – full body workout over two sessions two evenings a week.

    Cycling – one long day ride a week plus one short evening ride.

    Hiking – 5 mile local walk once a week.

    Table tennis, badminton once a week, not really solitary.

    Gardening – building some raised beds for veg.

    Also considering joining an air rifle target club or maybe martial arts.


    Art is a good call. Better than TV.
    Just followed you on Instagram.

    This is a great thread BTW. There are a few new things I might try as well 🙂


    How about something that doesn’t involve spending any money like learning to do a handstand, assuming you can’t already do one.


    My leg looks like it been bitten by a massive snake 😂 (it feels like it too 😔) I’m going to tell the kids it’s hiding in a cupboard and hopefully the house will stay tidy for at least a week 😊

    @tinribz that lot should keep you busy

    @redthunder Cool, thank. I’ve just got a set of watercolour pencils, I just need some nice paper and inspiration 😊

    @twinw4ll I certainly need some practice, the last time I tried I almost broke my neck when my arms gave way 😂 It’s a great idea. I’ve never been in a gym but I can blast the monkey bars, I used to do a bit of freerunning but it’s slowed to a stroll. It’s a shame we lose these skills as they’re great for strength and agility


    It would be great to learn some simple useful skills, or to do an online course that doesn’t require too much commitment or having to watch videos. Have you got any ideas?

    Bring back the tradition of sharpening knives using sharpening stones.

    Bear in mind people used to earn a living sharpening knives so this is a skill perhaps you can learn but it takes a lot of practice and patience.

    Who knows you might be able to earn side income by sharpening knives around your neighbourhood. Charge £3 for a normal chef knife if you wish.


    teach people to sleep
    or can you stitch up things like knee pads that always need new elastic etc?
    build a website for bike tours in se asia?


    @chewkw I’ve been looking for sharpening stones for a while, admittedly not very hard but I’d rather buy locally than online. It would certainly be handy if I took up whittling, but I wouldn’t want to give the neighbours any ideas

    @siromj that sounds like it’s addictive, it’s tempting (and I can’t injure myself)


    Family tree search ?
    Zwift ?
    Bread making ?

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